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Do the Funky Turkey!



As this year is coming to a close soon. I was thinking about what Ive been most thankful in Second Life. The Best thing is that there are wonderful creators out there who share their creations with us! I am so thankful for those people. I am thankful for all my friends and family! Most of all I’m thankful for God; who gives me love every day <3



-Look 1-
Skin-Cassie soleil – Alterego (old group gift)
Eyes-Hades Eyes- *Ink Heart*
Makeup-Fall Runway eyeshadow Makeup- !Alaska Metro
Lipstick- Dusty Plum (overly done lipstick) – *pink acid*
Nails- Turkey Day- Nail It Good ($1L Bird and the Bones Hunt)
Hair- Polly Hair (reds) – Imeka (Now @ Gacha Garden)
Shirt- Ladies Shirt- Blade & Rain – ($1L hunt at the store)
Skirt- Ragdoll Skirt – ($1L Bird and the Bones Hunt)
Shoes- Delinda Autumn- Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes- ($1L Chasin the Globber Hunt)


-Look 2-
Skin- Dionne-(lumiere)- Alterego (old group gift)
Eyes–Hades Eyes- *Ink Heart*
Makeup – Fall Runway Makeup – !Alaska Metro
Lipstick- Fall Runway Makeup- !Alaska Metro
Hair- Mimosa- (dark reds gacha)- Analog Dog (Now @ Whimsical)
Sweatshirt- Men’s Thanksgiving Sweatshirt – Perfect Seduction ($5L right at the event board information)
Pants- Thanksgiving Pants – K Creations($1L Crazy November Hunt)
Shoes- Gelsey (Autumn) – Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes- ($1L)

-Look 3-
Skin-Dionne-(lumiere)- Alterego (old group gift)
Eyes–Hades Eyes- *Ink Heart*
Hair-Ivy Hair – Vive9
Makeup – Fall Runway Makeup – !Alaska Metro
Lipstick- Fall Runway Makeup- !Alaska Metro
Nails- Stuff The Bird – Nail It Good (old Hunt Gift)
Dress- Thanks Giving Dress- Perfect Seduction ($5L right at the event board information)
Shoes- Fannie Heels – Ricielli ($15L Halloween Hunt- Hurry don’t know how long it will be there)
Necklace- Vintage Turkey Pendant- Gachapon – (old hunt gift)
Earrings- Kitty Earrings- Doe(Free Gift when you join the Gacha Garden Group)


Turkey Travelin Time





Happy Weekend everyone! Fabulous new everything is coming into play in life again! I am lucky this weekend! I wanted to share with you the last of my decor posts for Thanksgiving! Please make sure that you check out these great gifts, and hunts before thanksgiving is over <3!




Sky box – Simple White Chalk Sky box- Silent Woods ($1L on the Marketplace)

Bed- Blue Rustic Memories Bed –:.EARTHWORX.: (Now @ Twe12ve )
Bench- Memories Bench- The Artist Shed (Now @ Twe12ve )
Thanksgiving Table- CHATEAU DINING SET 2 or 4 – X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS (Free X-Clusive Hunt find the turkey filled with the gifts)
Chair- Royal Heritage Monarch’s Armchair (dark olive) –StoraxTree ($1L Chasin the Gobbler Hunt)
Table- Autumn Gords Table-StoraxTree ($2L Antique Quest Hunt)
Bike- H & C wheeler’s Gobbler- H & C Wheels ($1L Chasin the Gobbler Hunt)
Table- Thanksgiving Blackboard Art Table Set- Zen Creations ($5L on the marketplace)

Give Thanks (frame & pumpkins) – Chez Moi
Thanksgiving ChalkboardLa Biche  (Free Gift @ The Gacha Garden make sure you join the group to get gift)
Happy Thanksgiving Day Sign – Christmas Fair($1L The Bird and the Bones Hunt)
Autumn Candles- Christmas Fair ($1L Turkey Shootin Hunt)
Steven Jobbles (Turkey) – B&R ($1L Chasin the Gobbler Hunt)
Sign- Memories in Love – Myth (Now @ Twe12ve )
Combo Daisy Pallet- Cute as F*ck – ($1L Four Seasons Hunt)


I’m the Official Turkey Tester






Things haven’t quite settled down here yet! I am facing some tough times in Real Life. That just doesn’t stop me from doing my thing in second life. I have been doing a lot of turkey themed hunts! There are about three or four out there (most are 1L -10L or Free). There are some great gifts out there! Make sure you check them out to spruce up your home for the holidays next week!


Sky box – Simple White Chalk Sky box- Silent Woods ($1L on the Marketplace)

Couch- French Provincial Sofia – Hanta ~ (Antique Grid Show Hunt $10Ls)
Book Cases (with books included)- Antique Ceruse bookcase- MaMia Antiques ~ (Antique Grid Show Hunt $10Ls)
Side Table (left) – Give Thanks Table (w/plant) – (old hunt gift)
Chaise Lounge- Vintage Touch Jadite Mandala – The Vintage Touch (Group Gift Join is $1L)
Side table (right) – Part of the Bookcases (it comes with table , book case and chair) – MaMia Antiques ~ (Antique Grid Show Hunt $10Ls)
Accent Table (right) Thanksgiving accent table- An Lema Red Willow ~ ($1L Chasin The Gobbler Hunt)
Fireplace (with photos, flowers, pumpkins)- Autumn Fireplace- {NS}(Antique Grid Show Hunt $10Ls)
Stump Table- Natural Bliss Round Decor Table- StoraxTree- (The Jerky Turkey Hunt)
Chair- Antique Ceruse bookcase-(included in the entire gift) MaMia Antiques ~ (Antique Grid Show Hunt $10Ls)

Make a Wish Sign- The Artist Shed- ($1L Bird and the Bones Hunt)
Leg Lamp- Red Willow ~ (Free Gift)
Turkey Boxes Stack – Imagine Flowers & Gardens- (1L Turkey Shootin Hunt Gift)
Turkey -topiaries- The Artist Shed- (old Hunt gift via 2015)
Autumn Topiary Trio- The Artist Shed- ($1L Turkey Shootin Hunt Gift)
Pumpkin Stacks- Bondage Pumpkins- The Artist Shed- (past event item)
Cornucopia Centerpiece – Prim Pile Creations ~ ($1L Crazy November Hunt)
Flowers -(part of the Bookcases Item) MaMia Antiques ~ (Antique Grid Show Hunt $10Ls)
Books-(part of the Bookcases item) MaMia Antiques ~ (Antique Grid Show Hunt $10Ls)
Thanksgiving Sign Board- Season of Wonders ~ ($1L Turkey Shootin Hunt Gift)
Prim Pile Creations – Prim Pile Creations ~ ($1L Bird and the Bones Hunt)
Grandfather Clock- ~Myth   (Now @ Twe12ve )
Making Memories- Sign –~Myth (Now @ Twe12ve )

An Intimate Thanks Giving




Image 1

Skybox: White Mini Skybox- MM Home  (Free On The Marketplace)
Leaf Table- Untamed Designs  (1L Stuff The Bird Hunt)
Leaf Chairs- Untamed Designs  (1L Leaves are Falling Hunt)
Fire Place- Lumi Fireplace- Sickly Sweet (Free The Warm Socks Hunt)
Pumpkins (Give Thanks Decor) – Chez Moi   (69L’s on the Marketplace)
Turkey Topiary- The Artist Shed (1L The Jerkey Turkey Hunt)
Plaid Pumpkins- The Artist Shed
Food (on Table Ham & Cake) – Filler Furniture – (Free On Marketplace)
Turkey (on table)- Kawaii Tofu (Free on Marketplace)
Food (Pie) – Dust Bunny- (Past Arcade Gatcha Item)
Animals (Hamsters) –MishMish (Past Arcade Gatcha Item)
Painting-The Artist Shed (Free Hello Fall Hunt)
Garland- Color Fall Garland –  ~LA PUR SHOP~ (10L’s on The Marketplace)
Rocking Chair – Chez Moi (Past Halloween Hunt)
Cushion – (That 70’s Seat) – The Artist Shed
Animals (Sheep) – Adore & Abhore (old no longer available)

Image 2
Lamp-Mushroom Lamp – Green Wood Homes & Interiors–   (Old POE Hunt Gift)
End Table- Stonewood Interiors (Old POE Hunt Gift)
Chalk Board- Lark
Rocking Chair- Dust Bunny- (Past Arcade Gatcha Item)
Couch- The Artist Shed (1L Stuff The Bird Hunt)
Couch- Frozen Room Gatcha (RARE)- Krakt (NEW @ On the Board Walk Gatcha Fair) 
Rug- Braided Rug- Dust Bunny (Past Arcade Gatcha Item)
Wreathe- Fall Wreath- Chez Moi (Past Halloween Hunt)
Picture (left wall) – Hot Team & Warm Socks- By Chinah Oh (Free Warm Socks Hunt)
Snacks (on Floor) – Krakt (Part of Frosted Gatcha) – (NEW @ On the Board Walk Gatcha Fair)
Tree- Tree Cozy *Purple Bow* – LEP

Skin- Amber (Creamy) – Hush Skins
Hair- Doreen Hair – A&A Design (Free Warm Socks Hunt)
Eyes-Introvert Eyes- *InkHeart*  (Marketplace Hunt Gift)
Glasses-Intellectual Glasses- Tentacio
Dress- Turkey Dress- ~Kawaii Tofu~ (Free On The Marketplace)
Tights- Solid Brown Tights- Elate (No Longer Available)
Shoes- Thanks Novelty Sneakers – ::Cherry Pie:: (Free On The Marketplace)
Turkey (Left) Chibi Turkey – Pink Fuel (old but still my fav!)
Turkey (Right) Jerky Turkey Plushy – Decora Doll

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