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This is the Portal of Hell….


Look #1
Skin- Seven Deadly Skins
Eyes- Follies Eyes- Frick (1L Frick Halloween Hunt -A MUST DO!)
Hair- Candy Corn ~ Magika (Old Halloween Gift)
Hands- Dynamic Hands- Slink

Body- Lara- Maitreya
Lipstick- Halloween Lips set – {K} Rea – (Old but the owner has a MP Store here)
Follies- Eyemakeup (dark red) – (1L Frick Halloween Hunt -A MUST DO!)
Bloody Face- Blood in the Face- .::Angeldust::. (Old store closed)
Nails-Spooky Nail ArtMoon Amore
Eyepatch- Dead Claudia (black) – .{PSYCHO:Byts}. (Now @ The Secret Hideout)
Horns- Deviant Horns- .::Sinfully Seddy::.
Jumpsuit- Lazy Bones- Robbie Roo’s Whatchamagoos (1L All Hallow’s Eve Hunt)

Backpack- Bat Back Pack- NS (Now @ The Secret Hideout)

Look #2
Skin- March Skin – Pumec
Lara- Maitreya
Hands- Dead Claudia Skeleton Hands (white) -.{PSYCHO:Byts}. (Now @ The Secret Hideout)
Head-Cate Bento Head-Lelutka
Hair- Rina-.EscalateD (Now @ Mad Circus)
Bat Wings Clips- +Half Deer*
Lipstick- Widow Walk Lips- #Adored (Free Nightmare Event Hunt – Collect the teeth receive the prizes)
Nose Piercing-Hanage[PU]-*MGSIT-STORE* (Now @ Panic of the Pumpkin In Okinawa)
Tattoo- Night Shade Tattoo- UBS (Free Nightmare Event Hunt – Collect the teeth receive the prizes)
Eyeshadow- Freak Appliers- Parx Designs (Free Nightmare Event Hunt – Collect the teeth receive the prizes)
EyeBall (in mouth)- Yummy Eyeball – (CSC) –(Free Nightmare Event Hunt – Collect the teeth receive the prizes)
Collar- Dead Claudia -Collar (Red) – .{PSYCHO:Byts}. (Now @ The Secret Hideout)
Earrings- Pumpkin Earrings- Sweet Lies
Spider- (on Hand)- Stelloane (Free Nightmare Event Hunt – Collect the teeth receive the prizes)
Shirt- Trixie- The Little Bat (Now @ Trick or Treat Lane)
Skirt- Halloween Skirt- HiLo-
Boots- Bad Bitch Boots- Beautiful Huster–  ( Now @ The Gacha Life

Ghost- Talking Ghost 08- *MGSIT-STORE* (Now @ Panic of the Pumpkin In Okinawa)

Look #3
Skin-Ella- Adam & Eve)
Body- Lara- Maitreya
Head-Cate Bento Head-Lelutka
Lipstick- Bloody Mouth- Mello (Free Nightmare Event Hunt – Collect the teeth receive the prizes)
Eyes-{Ocular displacement}- [Cubic Cherry] (Now @ Nightmare Event)
Hair- Sandy-.EscalateD (Now @ Mad Circus)
Hands-Gloves- (Hello my Doll) – {-Maru Kado-} (Free Nightmare Event Hunt – Collect the teeth receive the prizes)
Shirt- All Hallows Tshirt Dress- AC(1L All Hallow’s Eve Hunt)
Shoes- Acrophobia Heels- AsteroidBox- (Free Nightmare Event Hunt – Collect the teeth receive the prizes)
Ghost Kitty- Foxes- (Now @ Salem)
Necklace- Nightmare Collar- Violetility – (Free Nightmare Event Hunt – Collect the teeth receive the prizes)
Piercing- Gothic Septum Piercing- Goth1c0 (Free Nightmare Event Hunt – Collect the teeth receive the prizes)

I’m the Official Turkey Tester






Things haven’t quite settled down here yet! I am facing some tough times in Real Life. That just doesn’t stop me from doing my thing in second life. I have been doing a lot of turkey themed hunts! There are about three or four out there (most are 1L -10L or Free). There are some great gifts out there! Make sure you check them out to spruce up your home for the holidays next week!


Sky box – Simple White Chalk Sky box- Silent Woods ($1L on the Marketplace)

Couch- French Provincial Sofia – Hanta ~ (Antique Grid Show Hunt $10Ls)
Book Cases (with books included)- Antique Ceruse bookcase- MaMia Antiques ~ (Antique Grid Show Hunt $10Ls)
Side Table (left) – Give Thanks Table (w/plant) – (old hunt gift)
Chaise Lounge- Vintage Touch Jadite Mandala – The Vintage Touch (Group Gift Join is $1L)
Side table (right) – Part of the Bookcases (it comes with table , book case and chair) – MaMia Antiques ~ (Antique Grid Show Hunt $10Ls)
Accent Table (right) Thanksgiving accent table- An Lema Red Willow ~ ($1L Chasin The Gobbler Hunt)
Fireplace (with photos, flowers, pumpkins)- Autumn Fireplace- {NS}(Antique Grid Show Hunt $10Ls)
Stump Table- Natural Bliss Round Decor Table- StoraxTree- (The Jerky Turkey Hunt)
Chair- Antique Ceruse bookcase-(included in the entire gift) MaMia Antiques ~ (Antique Grid Show Hunt $10Ls)

Make a Wish Sign- The Artist Shed- ($1L Bird and the Bones Hunt)
Leg Lamp- Red Willow ~ (Free Gift)
Turkey Boxes Stack – Imagine Flowers & Gardens- (1L Turkey Shootin Hunt Gift)
Turkey -topiaries- The Artist Shed- (old Hunt gift via 2015)
Autumn Topiary Trio- The Artist Shed- ($1L Turkey Shootin Hunt Gift)
Pumpkin Stacks- Bondage Pumpkins- The Artist Shed- (past event item)
Cornucopia Centerpiece – Prim Pile Creations ~ ($1L Crazy November Hunt)
Flowers -(part of the Bookcases Item) MaMia Antiques ~ (Antique Grid Show Hunt $10Ls)
Books-(part of the Bookcases item) MaMia Antiques ~ (Antique Grid Show Hunt $10Ls)
Thanksgiving Sign Board- Season of Wonders ~ ($1L Turkey Shootin Hunt Gift)
Prim Pile Creations – Prim Pile Creations ~ ($1L Bird and the Bones Hunt)
Grandfather Clock- ~Myth   (Now @ Twe12ve )
Making Memories- Sign –~Myth (Now @ Twe12ve )

1…2.. Poly’s commin for you… 3…4..better lock the door….


Skin- Dionne – (lumiere) – Alterego (part of Spookzilla 2016 Hunt $25L’s for non VIPS but free for VIPS)
Eyes- Karma (goth eyes) – *Inkheart* (Free *Ink Heart* Halloween Hunt)
Lipstick-Mage Lipstick #4- !Alaska Metro
Hair- Tsuki -/Wasabi Pills/ (Free-Halloween Gift- Join Subscribo For Gift)
Bodysuit- Bishes Halloween Gift- Bishes (part of Spookzilla 2016 Hunt)
Shoes- Ombre Heels- IMaGE Factory (part of Spookzilla 2016 Hunt)
Piercing- Pumpkin Septum Piercing- !NFINITY – (part of Spookzilla 2016 Hunt $25L’s)
Necklace- C.Ment (Free Group Gift @ SaNaRae)

Balloon- AMITOMO (Free Group Gift @ SaNaRae)


Look #2
Skin- Lulu (lumiere) –Alterego (part of Spookzilla 2016 Hunt $25L’s for non VIPS but free for VIPS)
Eyes- Karma (goth eyes) – *Inkheart* (Free *Ink Heart* Halloween Hunt)
Lipstick- Tuti Fruti #4 – Alaskametro (Now @ Candy Fair)
Hair- Bass – Lock & Tuff (Free Group Gift @ SaNaRae)
Jacket- Halloween Baseball Jacket- miwa’s airship(Free Group Gift @ SaNaRae)
Body Suit Skelly Suit- (ACID) –!Alaskametro- (part of Spookzilla 2016 Hunt 25L’s)
Shoes-Halloween Heel – *Bishes* – (part of Spookzilla 2016 Hunt 25L’s)
Face Blood- Hand of Orthanc – #Adored (part of Spookzilla 2016 Hunt 25L’s)
Ghost Tattoo- Ghosty Bainded Face- TWC (Free Group Gift @ SaNaRae)
Bruises Tattoo- Bruise Knee (Red) – ***Urban Street***(Free Group Gift @ SaNaRae)
Earrings- Cross Earrings- Yokai (Free Group Gift @ SaNaRae)
Septum- Batty Septum Piercing – !NFINITY – (part of Spookzilla 2016 Hunt $25L’s)
Headband- Halloween Headband- Hiemal-(Free Group Gift @ SaNaRae)
Necklace- Poison Necklace- The Little Bat


Look 3
Skin- tayrn (lomo)- Alterego (part of Spookzilla 2016 Hunt $25L’s for non VIPS but free for VIPS)
Eyes- Redrum eyes-!NFINITY – (part of Spookzilla 2016 Hunt $25L’s)
Hair- Blown Away – Posh (closed)
Nails- Spiderweb Nails- Nanika Store (Free Group Gift @ SaNaRae)
Dress- Tabitha Dress- The Little Bat- (Now @ Trick or Treat Lane)
Leggings- Candy Corn Leggings –!Alaskametro
(Now @ Candy Fair)
Shoes- Creature Platforms- Garbaggio (Free Group Gift @ SaNaRae)
Earrings- Creepy Eye Earrings- ~*Buglets*~(Free @ Trunk or Treat)
Headband- Kitty Kat Outfit Headband – {Buttercup} – (Free @ Trunk or Treat)
Hands- Zombie Hands- .{PSYCHO:Byts} (Now @ Blood Horror Fest)
BackPack- * Pink Pumpkins Backpack (RARE) (Gacha) –Les Sucreries de Fairy (Now @ SaNaRae)
Monster (In Mouth) -Little Monster (purple Pumpkins) (Gacha) –Les Sucreries de Fairy (Now @ SaNaRae)
Little Witch- Pink Witch Companion – (Gacha) –Les Sucreries de Fairy (Now @ SaNaRae)



all poses -NO-WOW-



I Dont Like Human Beings



Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! I wanted to share with you the great goodies still available for a few more days! You must go check out all the great Halloween Hunts, Events and Deals going on! I have done most of the hunts this year! Every year Halloween gets better and better on SL . I am obsessed with all things creepy  & Halloween! Have a wonderful week!

-Look #1-

Skin-Ivory (moda skin) –!Alaska Metro
Head- Nicki -(Static Head)- Catwa
Eyes- Serpentina Eyes- (Green)- Frick (Frick Annual Halloween Hunt $1L)
Eye Makeup- Serpentina Makeup (Light Red) –Frick (Frick Annual Halloween Hunt $1L)
Lipstick- Serpentina (Blue) – Frick (Frick Annual Halloween Hunt $1L)
Nails- Koffin Nails- Triskaidekaphobia 13 – *Dark Passions*
Hair-Stacy- Lamb
Tongue- Demon Tongue- Mello(Free- Part of the Nightmare Event Hunt Gifts)
Tail- Beatie Giest Tail – ::Ambix:: (Free- Part of the Nightmare Event Hunt Gifts)
Dress- Puffy Short Dress (Trick) – CuCu ($1L A Trick or a Treat Hunt)
Boots- I.C.U Doc Martins –CuCu ($20L Group Joiner For the Store Hunt- Guess the Riddles for $1L )
Earrings- Ghost in the Pumpkin Earrings- *Frangipani Garden* ( Gift from Panic of Pumpkin 2016 in Okinawa Hunt)
Nose Jewelry- HW-hanage- *MGSIT-STORE*  ( Gift from Panic of Pumpkin 2016 in Okinawa Hunt)
Necklace-Jawbone Necklace- Static (Free- Part of the Nightmare Event Hunt Gifts)
Basket- Trick or Treat Basket- Anachron (Free- Part of the Nightmare Event Hunt Gifts)

-Look #2-

Skin- Bloody Ghost (Milk) (Catwa Head applier) – The Skinnery
Head (static)- Nicki – Catwa
Eyes- Creepy Glowing White Eyes- DemotiK (Free Part of the A Trick Or Treat Hunt)
Hair- New Girl – *Besom* (New @ Salem)
Top- Blood (1) -/QUR Gacha/- YOME SHOUJO (Now available at Panic of Pumpkin 2016 in Okinawa)
Skirt- Bood (1) –/QUR Gacha/- YOME SHOUJO (Now available at Panic of Pumpkin 2016 in Okinawa)
Skeleton Leg- Skeletal Leg- Tamagosenbei (Now at the Nightmare Event)
Tattoo- Ebba Leg Tattoo – Suicide Girls (Free- Part of the Nightmare Event Hunt Gifts)
Ghost- CuCu Protecting Ghost – CuCu! (Free Part of the CuCu Hunt Group join $20L’s)

-Look #3 –

Skin-Fallen – (corset) – Pumpkin- [ NM ] (1L @ Jeepers Creepers Hunt)
Eyes- Veruska Eyes- Goths *Ink Heart* – (Free *Ink Heart Halloween Hunt*)
Eyeshadow- Serpentina – Frick- (1L Frick Halloween Hunt- (A MUST DO for Halloween Hunts)!
Hair- Malvolia.Hair -(Pastel) – Nani Hair- (Now @ Bloody Horror Fest )
Lipstick- Serpentina (in green) – Frick (1L Frick Halloween Hunt– (A MUST DO for Halloween hunts)
Tattoo- Mabb Tattoo- Pin Up (Now @ Mad Circus 2)
Dress- The Butcher Dress (with meat)- Moon Amore – (Now @ N-Twenty-One)
Spider- Eeek! Ghost Spider- Silent Sparrow– (Today’s Gift @ Panic of Pumpkin 2016 in Okinawa) (must get by end of the day or it will be gone!)
Hat- Pumpkin Cake Hat- DownDownDown (Gift (though not sure available still) Panic of Pumpkin 2016 in Okinawa)
Pumpkin (in Mouth) – Blue Pumpkin Wagashi- Schadenfreude – Gift (though not sure available still) Panic of Pumpkin 2016 in Okinawa)

A Little Fall For You

I am back from a fabulous weekend! I learned a lot! If you have been watching my Flickr. You will know the last weekend i attended a real life bloggers conference called Go Blog Social.     I learned a lot about blogging! Everything from finding your AHA moment to social media engagement. As you know I write another blog called Styled In The Heartland. I learned that basically you are doing the same thing in second life! I love learning bout the blogging process.  I am so glad to bring those experiences back to second life.  I hopefully soon to be sharing more about my story & blogging here in second life.


Skin- Amber- (creamy) – Hush
Eyes-Jerky Eyes- *InkHeart* ( 1L The Jerky Turkey Hunt)
Lashes- Angel Lashes 05- Lolita
Lipstick-Dark Nude Lipstick- Rainbow Kiss
Nails-Inversion – Alaskametro  (NEW)
Hair- Such – Magika
Dress- Catheryne Cami Dress- Vindiktive (0L The Dirty Turkey Hunt)
Boots- Emillya Boots (Brown)- CandyDoll(Now available @ UBER)
Necklace- Vintage Turkey Pendant- Gachapon! (1L-The Jerkey Turkey Hunt)


0 To 100

St. Olaf Stories


Hey everyone, i am back with another posting, im back in the swing of things! Hope you enjoy these looks-

*means care of the creator (in conjunction with this blog)


  • Skin– Medium-Jessi-  {.Essences.}
  • Eyes– Clear Blue-Look Eyes (Big) –  Amacci
  • *Eyeshadow- Intense Eyeshadow 03 (only) – Pink Acid
  • *Lipstick– Pale Pink- Slik Lipstick & Teeth- Pink Acid
  • Earrings– Rope Gold- Hoops- Ryca
  • Hair– Coffee-Thrill Hair – Nikita Fride
  • Dress-Porn Studded Dress-Cold- Gang/Cold
  • Leggings– Gold Metallic Shine- Leggings- (Gold) – League  (Free group joiner gift)
  • Shoes– Studded Wedge-Gold-Black- Whatever  (Old Fifty Five Linden Friday Item)
  • Clutch– Leather Clutch-Nude- 215 Couture
  • *Pose –Well, it depends – .jaH.



  • Skin– Heim 04-Milk- 🙂 BCC
  • Eyes– Clear Blue-Look Eyes (Big) –  Amacci
  • Hair– Cinnamon- Blank- Ink
  • *Lipstick-Nude-Juicy Fruit Lips- Pink Acid
  • *Eyeline & Eyelashes – Pink/White Metallic Eyeliner & Lashes- Pink Acid
  • Sweater– Sweater- Mesh- .::Censored::. (censored hunt 20L’s)
  • Skirt– Let’s Go Skirt- ShuShu- Ruffled- Esteqistal Designs
  • *Tights– Solid Orange Tights- Elate ( no location ATM but contact kellie iwish )
  • Shoes– Shimmer Platform Pumps –Nude- Adore&Abhor
  • *Tote– Coastal Tote-Olive- .:Somnia:.
  • Bow-Gyaru Bow – White – [Glue Ink] (But can be purchased @ [Blah] )
  • *Pose – [Gala] 01- dfo!  (from One Voice Event 2012)

Pure 215



Hey there again! Once again, i’ve been quite behind on posts! So i wanted to dedicate a short post to a new brand im starting to work with!  The Brand is  ::215 Couture:: It’s got a serious urban vive to it which i absolutly adore! The creator sent me this outfit called “Kimmy”. Its a cute skirt, bandeau and some cute shoes to go with! She has lots of flavor i n her clothes which i really enjoy. I hope you come check it out! Lots of different and fun stuff to choose from!
Check out ::215 Couture:::

Credits:*Indicates (is C/O creator)

*Skin: Anne- Medium-Reila Skins (NEW)
*Lipstick: KoolAid Lisptick- Pink Lemonade- *Pink Acid*
Eyes:  Uptopia Eyes- Faerie Green- Ikon
Hair:  Mila-Pinks-Ploom (NEW)
*Bra- Kimmy Bra- (mesh) -::215 Courture
*Skirt- Kimmy Skirt (mesh) – ::215 Couture
*Shoes- Kimmy Mesh Pumps (Mesh) – ::215 Couture::
*Belt- Kimmy Brown Belt (Mesh) -::215 Couture::
*Pose-  +Henteko Pose 1- +Natural+



Love always

Polynesia Pistachio <3

Mickey Richardsons Halloween Party



Hey guys, are you ready…Halloween is a coming.. .and you know that this blog LOVES “Holiday Themed” posts! I have spent quite a bit of time putting these looks together from different hunts, to different findings on the marketplace. I have to say :)BCC is my favorite store and i am in love with the batty doll they released for the Halloween Hunt! I also brought out socks i made last year for halloween! I just love halloween!! I hope you have fun styling and go check out these hunts, TONS of cool gifts! (i know i seem like i have alot of time! it took alot of time xx)
-Peace, Love and Pumpkins



Look #1
Skin: Smudge Skin-Censored- (10L’s -SH- Hunt)
Eyes: Hani Eyes -Blue- :)BCC (5L’s Halloween Hunt)
Hair: Seth-Night + Orange – Amacci- (Free Halloween Gift)
Tongue: Tricks or Treats Mouthie- BB (Free TOT hunt)
Dress:  Halloween Mesh Strapless Dress- SC (SeddysCreations) -(Free TOT Hunt)
Tights: Dott Leggings- :)BCC (free BCC halloween hunt)
Earrings: **Halloween Art*** Earpiece – +:+WTG+:+ (100L’s Group Join)
Necklace: **Halloween Art** Necklace – +:+WTG+:+ (100L’s Group Join)
Nails/Rings:  **Halloween Art** Jeweled Nail +:+WTG+:+ (100L’s Group Join)
Shoulder Pet- Nyampire Shoulder Pet- Sugarnova (Free TOT Hunt)
Batty: Bat Doll- :)BCC- (free :)BCC Hunt)
Mask: Feathered Red Mask – DemotiK (Free TOT Hunt)
Tattoo: Bloody Wounds-Graffitwear- (Free TOT hunt)

Skin:  Alicia Skin-Halloween 02- InkHeart (1l Marketplace)
Hair: Devil Hair- Truth- OLD OLD OLD
Eyes: Hani Eyes-Blue-:)BCC (5L’s Halloween Hunt)
Nails: Colorful Halloween Nails-*Baby* (Free Marketplace)
Lashes: Lovely Widow Lashes -Mesh (NEW) -Pdiddle- (Gift Group Join Fee)
Boots:  Pumpkin Buckle -Boot- Curious Kitties- (Free Marketplace)
*Shirt- Pumpkin Moth- Tee- (Mesh) – Cracked Mirror (thanks!)
Pants: Lil Batty Lounge Pants- <P3> (Free TOT hunt)
Glasses: Yabusaka Glasses- *-MeshedKidds*- (Free Kandi Korn Hunt)
Earrings: DayoftheDeadDiva-Earrings-Baubles! By Phe (free BBBH Hunt)
Choker: DayOfTheDeadDiva Choker-Baubles! By Phe(Free BBBH Hunt)
Bracelet-DayOfTheDeadDiva Bracelet-Baubles! By Phe (Free BBBH Hunt)
Ipod & Headphones- Kpod :PE: Boby Picket Monster Mash- K&B (Free TOT Hunt)
Ghost – Cuddle Ghost -*DivaLicious* – (Free TOT Hunt) (A special thank you to Jodie Szapira for moding it for me to cuddle with)
Cat: Halloween Gift 2012-HPMD- Happy Mood (Gift Free)
*Pose-India FL – Pekka Poses

Skin: Autumn Skin Gift -CandyMetal (1L MarketPlace)
Eyes: Hani Eyes -Blue- :)BCC (5L’s Halloween Hunt)
Bloddy Tattoo: Blood in the Face-AngelDust (Free Angeldust Halloween Hunt)
Hoodie: Adidas Hoodie- :)BCC (:)BCC Halloween Hunt Free)
Socks: Little Cutey Pumpkin Socks – :::PISTACHIO::: (Made by Me!)
Shoes: Pump-Kins-*BDM* (Marketplace)
Hair:  Nami- Burnt Orange & Red- Amacci – (Free Halloween Gift)
Nails: Moon & Stars -Studio Nails (NTTT Hunt Item Free)
Tounge: Jily’s Sweet Treat-SugarBuzz (10l’s Marketplace)
Headband:  Jily’s Batty Headband- SugarBuzz (5l’s MarketPlace)
Ring: Jily’s batty ring -SugarBuzz (5L’s Marketplace)
Earrings: Halloween-y- Mellow Earrings-Primalot (free NTTT hunt)
Necklace: Halloween-Y-Mellow Necklace- Primalot
Glasses: Trick Or Treat Glasses- Things I Like (1L ArisAris Sim Hunt)
Shoulder Pet- Hello Batty!- Angeldust (Free Angeldust halloween Hunt)
Pose: Strike Pose 4 -Label Motion



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