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I Dont Like Human Beings



Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! I wanted to share with you the great goodies still available for a few more days! You must go check out all the great Halloween Hunts, Events and Deals going on! I have done most of the hunts this year! Every year Halloween gets better and better on SL . I am obsessed with all things creepy  & Halloween! Have a wonderful week!

-Look #1-

Skin-Ivory (moda skin) –!Alaska Metro
Head- Nicki -(Static Head)- Catwa
Eyes- Serpentina Eyes- (Green)- Frick (Frick Annual Halloween Hunt $1L)
Eye Makeup- Serpentina Makeup (Light Red) –Frick (Frick Annual Halloween Hunt $1L)
Lipstick- Serpentina (Blue) – Frick (Frick Annual Halloween Hunt $1L)
Nails- Koffin Nails- Triskaidekaphobia 13 – *Dark Passions*
Hair-Stacy- Lamb
Tongue- Demon Tongue- Mello(Free- Part of the Nightmare Event Hunt Gifts)
Tail- Beatie Giest Tail – ::Ambix:: (Free- Part of the Nightmare Event Hunt Gifts)
Dress- Puffy Short Dress (Trick) – CuCu ($1L A Trick or a Treat Hunt)
Boots- I.C.U Doc Martins –CuCu ($20L Group Joiner For the Store Hunt- Guess the Riddles for $1L )
Earrings- Ghost in the Pumpkin Earrings- *Frangipani Garden* ( Gift from Panic of Pumpkin 2016 in Okinawa Hunt)
Nose Jewelry- HW-hanage- *MGSIT-STORE*  ( Gift from Panic of Pumpkin 2016 in Okinawa Hunt)
Necklace-Jawbone Necklace- Static (Free- Part of the Nightmare Event Hunt Gifts)
Basket- Trick or Treat Basket- Anachron (Free- Part of the Nightmare Event Hunt Gifts)

-Look #2-

Skin- Bloody Ghost (Milk) (Catwa Head applier) – The Skinnery
Head (static)- Nicki – Catwa
Eyes- Creepy Glowing White Eyes- DemotiK (Free Part of the A Trick Or Treat Hunt)
Hair- New Girl – *Besom* (New @ Salem)
Top- Blood (1) -/QUR Gacha/- YOME SHOUJO (Now available at Panic of Pumpkin 2016 in Okinawa)
Skirt- Bood (1) –/QUR Gacha/- YOME SHOUJO (Now available at Panic of Pumpkin 2016 in Okinawa)
Skeleton Leg- Skeletal Leg- Tamagosenbei (Now at the Nightmare Event)
Tattoo- Ebba Leg Tattoo – Suicide Girls (Free- Part of the Nightmare Event Hunt Gifts)
Ghost- CuCu Protecting Ghost – CuCu! (Free Part of the CuCu Hunt Group join $20L’s)

-Look #3 –

Skin-Fallen – (corset) – Pumpkin- [ NM ] (1L @ Jeepers Creepers Hunt)
Eyes- Veruska Eyes- Goths *Ink Heart* – (Free *Ink Heart Halloween Hunt*)
Eyeshadow- Serpentina – Frick- (1L Frick Halloween Hunt- (A MUST DO for Halloween Hunts)!
Hair- Malvolia.Hair -(Pastel) – Nani Hair- (Now @ Bloody Horror Fest )
Lipstick- Serpentina (in green) – Frick (1L Frick Halloween Hunt– (A MUST DO for Halloween hunts)
Tattoo- Mabb Tattoo- Pin Up (Now @ Mad Circus 2)
Dress- The Butcher Dress (with meat)- Moon Amore – (Now @ N-Twenty-One)
Spider- Eeek! Ghost Spider- Silent Sparrow– (Today’s Gift @ Panic of Pumpkin 2016 in Okinawa) (must get by end of the day or it will be gone!)
Hat- Pumpkin Cake Hat- DownDownDown (Gift (though not sure available still) Panic of Pumpkin 2016 in Okinawa)
Pumpkin (in Mouth) – Blue Pumpkin Wagashi- Schadenfreude – Gift (though not sure available still) Panic of Pumpkin 2016 in Okinawa)

Happy Fall…Ya’ll


Building- White Camp Trailer (Rare)- Toiz (New @ Sanarae)
Walls- moveable walls (dark wood) – BALACLAVA
Lights- String Lights – Floorplan
Hay balePile (large) – The Artist Shed (Free EnMeshed into Fall Hunt)
Fall Bunting- The Artist Shed (Free EnMeshed into Fall Hunt)
Hay bale(Single) – The Artist Shed (Free EnMeshed into Fall Hunt)
Tall Pumpkin- The Artist Shed (Free EnMeshed into Fall Hunt)
Pumpkin- The Artist Shed(Free EnMeshed into Fall Hunt)
Pumpkin (Happy Fall Ya’ll) – Zoobatos(Free EnMeshed into Fall Hunt)
Glam Pumpkins- *Shabby Tabby*-(Free EnMeshed into Fall Hunt)
Fall Topiary Pumpkin & Leaves – Fairey Angel Creations- (Free EnMeshed into Fall Hunt)


Skin- Kalani (Carmel) – .AlterEgo. -(Free The Autumn Effect Hunt)
Hair-Amber – [KoKoLoReS](New @ Cosmetics Fair)
Crown-Fruits of the Fall Crown – IT(Free EnMeshed into Fall Hunt)
Mouth – Metal Mouth – Adored (New @ Cosmetics Fair)
Eyes-Autumn Eyes- Arise(Free The Autumn Effect Hunt)
Eyeliner- Obsession Eyeliner– Moon
Lipstick-Autumn Lipstick – Censored (Old/store closed)
Nails- Autumn Nails – Toxxic Pandora (Free The Autumn Effect Hunt)
Sweater-Autumn Mesh Sweater- Cupcake Clothing –(Free EnMeshed into Fall Hunt)
Shoes- Beige Leaf Shoes – Basta(Free EnMeshed into Fall Hunt)
Crow- Shoulder Pet Crow- Les Sucreries de Fairy (Free EnMeshed into Fall Hunt)
Pose-Kristy Pose- Imeka

Beachy Keen


Ive been on a slight vacation from blogging , due to a heavy work load in real life. I wanted to share this cute little romper from Ganja. Ganja is my new favorite store, and i wanted to visit the beach (which I’m dreaming a of a real vacation). I hope you enjoy <3



Skin  Glam Affair


Pink Camosile – Ganja  (new @ IDK)


Scarf –Lelutka | Sunnies: Yummy (@ C88) | Necklace : Mandala

Poses Murisy

It’s Spoooky Cute!


Spooky Cute is now open for your enjoyment ~


Skin: Immortalia – The Plastik | Eyes: Kahla Eyes – The Plastik | Makeup: The Plastik | Lipstick : Pink Acid | Eyebrows: Sharp Brows- Just Magnetized | Lashes : Carmen Mai Bilavio | Hair : Moon {Negative New @ Uber} | Tattoo: Zero Tattoo La Malvada Mujer | Nails: Punk Rock Icons – Nylon Outfitters (@C88)


Shirt: Show Me Your Eyeballs  – .{PSYCHO:Byts}. (New @ The Spooky Cute Event) | Leggings: Toe less Stockings – Flair


Glasses : Jinx ( New @ Cherry Blossom Festival)  | Choker & Garter : Glutz (New @ Spooky Cute Event) | Horns: Little Black Horns : CHU: (New @ The Spooky Cute Event) | Safety Spin Set (nose ring & eyebrow ring) – Yummy (@C88) | Bag: See What Time It Is Bag- Moeko (New @ The Spooky Cute Event) | Shoes: Helvetica Heels – Remarkable Oblivion (@C88)

Poses : Signature Poses


Look #2


Skin: Davina Skin – :Soul: | Eyes: Creepy Eyes – Sugar BabeZ (New @ The Spooky Cute Event) | Makeup : Creepy Kawaii Geisha – MHC ( New @ The Spooky Cute Event) |Lipstick : Glossy Grape Lipstick MHC (New @ The Spooky Cute Event) | Hair: Penelope Hair  – +FacePalm+ (New @ The Spooky Cute Event) | Nails: Coffin Nails – Dark Passions – (New @ The Spooky Cute Event)


Dress: Spring Time Out Fit – Sugar Button Boutique ( New @ The Spooky Cute Event) | Socks:  Dolly Socks – Pixy Stix (New @ The Spooky Cute Event)


Shoes:  Cross Sneakers – #187 (New @ The Spooky Cute Event ) | Hair Bow: Ruby Hair Clip – Lyrs Boutique (New @ The Spooky Cute Event) | Bag : Coffin Bag -{PSYCHO:Byts}. (New @ The Spooky Cute Event) | Ring : Ive Got my Eye On You – Suga BabeZ– (New @ The Spooky Cute Event)


Poses:  (Bag pose by -{PSYCHO:Byts}. )

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