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Panic of The Pumpkin In Okinawa Event!

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Hey everyone. I wanted to say thank you for all the love I’ve received on my first video! You guys are all so sweet. I worked hard on this next video. I have improved my intro and outro. I am pretty happy with it. In this video, I talk about a great event in which I love. The Panic of the Pumpkin in Okinawa! This is a fun themed Halloween event on the grid. I go through the sim and explain the hunt. In past posts, you can see some of the prizes I have blogged/ and or gachas. Be Sure that you Check it out! Please make sure you like this post and subscribe to my youtube channel!

Style Credits:

Head-Cate – Lelutka
Body- Lara- Maitreya
Hands-Dynamic Hands Slink
Hair- Dead Claudia – Rare Hair (gacha) –.{PSYCHO:Byts}. (Now @ The Secret Hideout)
Eyes- Pumpkin Eyes- *NamiChuu* – (Free @ The Nightmare Event– Collect All the Teeth receive the prizes)
Lipstick- Alaskametro
Dress- Halloween Nightmare- *FG* (Hunt item from Panic of the Pumpkin In Okinawa)
Hat- Nightmare (part of the dress) – – *FG* (Hunt item from Panic of the Pumpkin In Okinawa)

Mickey Richardsons Halloween Party



Hey guys, are you ready…Halloween is a coming.. .and you know that this blog LOVES “Holiday Themed” posts! I have spent quite a bit of time putting these looks together from different hunts, to different findings on the marketplace. I have to say :)BCC is my favorite store and i am in love with the batty doll they released for the Halloween Hunt! I also brought out socks i made last year for halloween! I just love halloween!! I hope you have fun styling and go check out these hunts, TONS of cool gifts! (i know i seem like i have alot of time! it took alot of time xx)
-Peace, Love and Pumpkins



Look #1
Skin: Smudge Skin-Censored- (10L’s -SH- Hunt)
Eyes: Hani Eyes -Blue- :)BCC (5L’s Halloween Hunt)
Hair: Seth-Night + Orange – Amacci- (Free Halloween Gift)
Tongue: Tricks or Treats Mouthie- BB (Free TOT hunt)
Dress:  Halloween Mesh Strapless Dress- SC (SeddysCreations) -(Free TOT Hunt)
Tights: Dott Leggings- :)BCC (free BCC halloween hunt)
Earrings: **Halloween Art*** Earpiece – +:+WTG+:+ (100L’s Group Join)
Necklace: **Halloween Art** Necklace – +:+WTG+:+ (100L’s Group Join)
Nails/Rings:  **Halloween Art** Jeweled Nail +:+WTG+:+ (100L’s Group Join)
Shoulder Pet- Nyampire Shoulder Pet- Sugarnova (Free TOT Hunt)
Batty: Bat Doll- :)BCC- (free :)BCC Hunt)
Mask: Feathered Red Mask – DemotiK (Free TOT Hunt)
Tattoo: Bloody Wounds-Graffitwear- (Free TOT hunt)

Skin:  Alicia Skin-Halloween 02- InkHeart (1l Marketplace)
Hair: Devil Hair- Truth- OLD OLD OLD
Eyes: Hani Eyes-Blue-:)BCC (5L’s Halloween Hunt)
Nails: Colorful Halloween Nails-*Baby* (Free Marketplace)
Lashes: Lovely Widow Lashes -Mesh (NEW) -Pdiddle- (Gift Group Join Fee)
Boots:  Pumpkin Buckle -Boot- Curious Kitties- (Free Marketplace)
*Shirt- Pumpkin Moth- Tee- (Mesh) – Cracked Mirror (thanks!)
Pants: Lil Batty Lounge Pants- <P3> (Free TOT hunt)
Glasses: Yabusaka Glasses- *-MeshedKidds*- (Free Kandi Korn Hunt)
Earrings: DayoftheDeadDiva-Earrings-Baubles! By Phe (free BBBH Hunt)
Choker: DayOfTheDeadDiva Choker-Baubles! By Phe(Free BBBH Hunt)
Bracelet-DayOfTheDeadDiva Bracelet-Baubles! By Phe (Free BBBH Hunt)
Ipod & Headphones- Kpod :PE: Boby Picket Monster Mash- K&B (Free TOT Hunt)
Ghost – Cuddle Ghost -*DivaLicious* – (Free TOT Hunt) (A special thank you to Jodie Szapira for moding it for me to cuddle with)
Cat: Halloween Gift 2012-HPMD- Happy Mood (Gift Free)
*Pose-India FL – Pekka Poses

Skin: Autumn Skin Gift -CandyMetal (1L MarketPlace)
Eyes: Hani Eyes -Blue- :)BCC (5L’s Halloween Hunt)
Bloddy Tattoo: Blood in the Face-AngelDust (Free Angeldust Halloween Hunt)
Hoodie: Adidas Hoodie- :)BCC (:)BCC Halloween Hunt Free)
Socks: Little Cutey Pumpkin Socks – :::PISTACHIO::: (Made by Me!)
Shoes: Pump-Kins-*BDM* (Marketplace)
Hair:  Nami- Burnt Orange & Red- Amacci – (Free Halloween Gift)
Nails: Moon & Stars -Studio Nails (NTTT Hunt Item Free)
Tounge: Jily’s Sweet Treat-SugarBuzz (10l’s Marketplace)
Headband:  Jily’s Batty Headband- SugarBuzz (5l’s MarketPlace)
Ring: Jily’s batty ring -SugarBuzz (5L’s Marketplace)
Earrings: Halloween-y- Mellow Earrings-Primalot (free NTTT hunt)
Necklace: Halloween-Y-Mellow Necklace- Primalot
Glasses: Trick Or Treat Glasses- Things I Like (1L ArisAris Sim Hunt)
Shoulder Pet- Hello Batty!- Angeldust (Free Angeldust halloween Hunt)
Pose: Strike Pose 4 -Label Motion



Tremaine Audley

Hey Guys! How are you? This week is flying by isnt it? Well today i have exciting news : The World Goth Fair opens today! All the proceeds from the fair go to benefit Sophie Lancaster Foundation ! I have been having lots of fun dressing all these cool items, i just love to try new looks and i am totally loving all of this! I hope that you enjoy and please check out the fair, it goes to a good cause and there is something for everyone!

*Indicate That these items were donated to this blog by the creator

Look #1

*Skin: Molly- Plum-!TLB

*Eyes: Mesh Eyes-Violet- *FCD* (World Goth Fair)

Hair:  Halloween Hair Sp Wing- *MiuMin* (old gift)

Makeup:  Mask Makeup (Purple) – +Nuuna+

*Suit: Leowin Gothic Suit – (its for men but i wore it for fun) – AB (Avatar Bizarre) (World Goth Fair)

*Boots- (part of Leowin Goth Suit* -AB (Avatar Bizarre) (World Goth Fair)

*Wings: Violet Wings -*FCD* (World Goth Fair)

*Tail & Ears : Superfluff Neko Ears & Tail – *FCD* (World Goth Fair)

Look #2

Skin:  Charmy-Mariko

Hair: Wicked Hair Style- Curio Obscura

*Eyes: Kawaii Floral Eyes (Green) Shine

Eyeshadow: Black Swan- Pistachio – (never released)

*Lipstick: Silk Lipstick & Teeth- Red- Pink Acid

*Dress- Polly-Red-!TLB (World Goth Fair)

Tighs: 2010 Halloween Spider Web Tights- *GF* (old gift)

*Boots: GothGarou-Testosterone Boots – PT&UA – (World Goth Fair)

*Bat Wings: – Batty Elegance (Blood) – !TLB (World Goth Fair)

#Look Number 3

Skin:  Molly Skin-Blood- !TLB (World Goth Fair)

Hair: Sinful Hair-*DarkerSide* (old gift store closed)

Eyes: Manson Eyes- !TLB (World Goth Fair)

Eyeliner & Bloody Tears:  Valentine’s is for Vendettas- *Tori-Tastic* (Marketplace)

Bloody Tears- Bloody Tears III -Repulse (Marketplace)

Dress:  Tragic-Black- The Muses (World Goth Fair)

Tights:  Skully Leggings- Sheer- Su.Vida (closed)

Shoes: Carnival-Harelquin – [ Moxie ] (World Goth Fair)

Necklace- Vapor- Onyx/Garnet/Black Titanium – HoR (World Goth Fair)

Earrings:  Poisonous Friend Earrings -HoR (World Goth Fair)

Tattoo: Zipper Heart Tattoo (Su.Vida Store Closed)

Look #4

*Skin: Molly-Gloomy- !TLB (World Goth Fair)

*Eyes: Manson Eyes- !TLB (World  Goth Fair)

Hair:  gG 02’12 (Gift) – Red Mint (Old Gift)

*Dress & Hat- Marie Antoinette- AB (Avatar Bizarre) (World Goth Fair)

*Earrings- Trollop Earrings-The Pink Bandaid

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