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This is the Portal of Hell….


Look #1
Skin- Seven Deadly Skins
Eyes- Follies Eyes- Frick (1L Frick Halloween Hunt -A MUST DO!)
Hair- Candy Corn ~ Magika (Old Halloween Gift)
Hands- Dynamic Hands- Slink

Body- Lara- Maitreya
Lipstick- Halloween Lips set – {K} Rea – (Old but the owner has a MP Store here)
Follies- Eyemakeup (dark red) – (1L Frick Halloween Hunt -A MUST DO!)
Bloody Face- Blood in the Face- .::Angeldust::. (Old store closed)
Nails-Spooky Nail ArtMoon Amore
Eyepatch- Dead Claudia (black) – .{PSYCHO:Byts}. (Now @ The Secret Hideout)
Horns- Deviant Horns- .::Sinfully Seddy::.
Jumpsuit- Lazy Bones- Robbie Roo’s Whatchamagoos (1L All Hallow’s Eve Hunt)

Backpack- Bat Back Pack- NS (Now @ The Secret Hideout)

Look #2
Skin- March Skin – Pumec
Lara- Maitreya
Hands- Dead Claudia Skeleton Hands (white) -.{PSYCHO:Byts}. (Now @ The Secret Hideout)
Head-Cate Bento Head-Lelutka
Hair- Rina-.EscalateD (Now @ Mad Circus)
Bat Wings Clips- +Half Deer*
Lipstick- Widow Walk Lips- #Adored (Free Nightmare Event Hunt – Collect the teeth receive the prizes)
Nose Piercing-Hanage[PU]-*MGSIT-STORE* (Now @ Panic of the Pumpkin In Okinawa)
Tattoo- Night Shade Tattoo- UBS (Free Nightmare Event Hunt – Collect the teeth receive the prizes)
Eyeshadow- Freak Appliers- Parx Designs (Free Nightmare Event Hunt – Collect the teeth receive the prizes)
EyeBall (in mouth)- Yummy Eyeball – (CSC) –(Free Nightmare Event Hunt – Collect the teeth receive the prizes)
Collar- Dead Claudia -Collar (Red) – .{PSYCHO:Byts}. (Now @ The Secret Hideout)
Earrings- Pumpkin Earrings- Sweet Lies
Spider- (on Hand)- Stelloane (Free Nightmare Event Hunt – Collect the teeth receive the prizes)
Shirt- Trixie- The Little Bat (Now @ Trick or Treat Lane)
Skirt- Halloween Skirt- HiLo-
Boots- Bad Bitch Boots- Beautiful Huster–  ( Now @ The Gacha Life

Ghost- Talking Ghost 08- *MGSIT-STORE* (Now @ Panic of the Pumpkin In Okinawa)

Look #3
Skin-Ella- Adam & Eve)
Body- Lara- Maitreya
Head-Cate Bento Head-Lelutka
Lipstick- Bloody Mouth- Mello (Free Nightmare Event Hunt – Collect the teeth receive the prizes)
Eyes-{Ocular displacement}- [Cubic Cherry] (Now @ Nightmare Event)
Hair- Sandy-.EscalateD (Now @ Mad Circus)
Hands-Gloves- (Hello my Doll) – {-Maru Kado-} (Free Nightmare Event Hunt – Collect the teeth receive the prizes)
Shirt- All Hallows Tshirt Dress- AC(1L All Hallow’s Eve Hunt)
Shoes- Acrophobia Heels- AsteroidBox- (Free Nightmare Event Hunt – Collect the teeth receive the prizes)
Ghost Kitty- Foxes- (Now @ Salem)
Necklace- Nightmare Collar- Violetility – (Free Nightmare Event Hunt – Collect the teeth receive the prizes)
Piercing- Gothic Septum Piercing- Goth1c0 (Free Nightmare Event Hunt – Collect the teeth receive the prizes)

white as snow


Theres nothing I like more than a quiet night in second life exploring sims. I love spending time alone- to clear my head. With everything going on recently it was good to take tonight to just blog and draw in PS. I really enjoy just quiet scenes in second life.

Skin- Catherine (cold cheeks) – Pink Acid
Eyelinds – Slink-
Lipstick – Fall Run Way Lipstick #02 – AlaskaMetro
Hair- Truth (New)
Sweater Dress- Sabotage (Now @ Sad November)

Tricks or Treats….




Greetings! As you can see , I am not over Halloween! I have more to show you. I found out today about a few great events! You need to check out the Trunk or Treat Event. Its mostly for SL kids (but there is a lot of cute stuff there!). Make sure you also check out Trick or Treat Lane! Lots of fun Halloween gifts to be had by all! Make sure you check these things out before they are gone!

Look 1
Skin-Skin- Gemma – (old gacha) – Honey– The Skinnery
Eyes- Goths (blood eyes) – = *InkHeart*(Free Ink Heart Halloween Hunt)
Hair- Amy (bloody purple) – Alice Project (Old Hunt Gift)
(Body/ Mouth/ Spine Attachment) –Gluttonous Orifice (Now @ Bloody Horror Fest)
Shoes- Demon Tips – Vengeful Threads
Scar Tattoo- Open Chest Scar (with pasties)- ..:: Merlific ::..
Tattoo (On Forehead) – Lost Star Wound- Cubic Cherry
Blood Tears- Bloody Tears – Repulse
Necklace- Spike Collar- Schadenfreude (Free Gift @ The Nightmare Event)
Headband- Cats N Spring – {RAWR} MUFFINZ*(Free @ Trick or Treat Lane)

Look 2
Skin- Zoey – (Bare Face) – Honey– The Skinnery
Eyes- Veruska Eyes – Goths – ( Emerald ) = *InkHeart*(Free Ink Heart Halloween Hunt)
Nails- Koffin Nails- *Dark Passions*
Nose Bleed- Nose Bleed- The Horror (free Gift @ The Nightmare Event)
Hair- Handy Hair – (Beauty Ghoul) – – Nani (Now @ Epiphany)
Dress- Sophia (Pumpkin in Gray) – :Crom: (5L Crom Halloween Hunt)
Shirt (underneath dress) – Supernatural(Free @ Trick or Treat Lane)
Socks- Batty Socks – :::Pistachio::: (made by me old old old)
Bracelet- Skully Bracelet- The Little Bat (Free @ Trick or Treat Lane)
Shoes- GLS (edition) – ~Black Arts~ (Free @ Trick orTreat Lane)
Necklace (1) – Bolt Necklace – Zombie Suicide (Free @ Trick or Treat Lane)
Necklace (2) – Spider Necklace- .HollyWeird. (Free @ Trick orTreat Lane)
Ring- Silver Skeleton ring – Purple Moon Creations – (Free @ Trick orTreat Lane)
Horns- Supernatural(Free @ Trick orTreat Lane)
Glasses- Batty Glasses- Cute Poison – (Free @ Trick or Treat Lane)
Treat Bucket- Schadenfreude Treat Bucket, 2016 – Schadenfreude (free- a Halloween MUST GET!)


    Look 3

Skin- Zoey – (Bare Face) – Honey– The Skinnery
Eyes- Veruska Eyes – Goths – ( Emerald ) = *InkHeart*(Free Ink Heart Halloween Hunt)
Makeup- TWH black- VileCult (Now @ Salem)
Hair- Batty Girl (Beauty Ghoul) (Rare Gacha) – Nani (Now @ Epiphany)
Nails- Koffin Nails- *Dark Passions*
Sweater-Monster Mouth Pullover- {Ichigo} (Free Now @ Trunk or Treat)
Skirt-*HW-black+red*- YOMESHOUJO ( Free @ Panic of the Pumpkin in Okinawa)
Balloon- Boo-Balloon – Little Lama (Free Now @ Trunk or Treat)

The Blogger Office Hours

Hello Everyone! ( I know its been along time since I’ve Blogged)  I just wanted to let you all know that there will be office hours on Thursday July 7th 2015. It is from 1 PM – 5 PM SLT.  Myself and Monica have made ourselves available to be moderates and sources of information for anyone interested in talking blogging.


So you are probably wanting to know what the Blogger Office Hours is?

Blogger office hours, is a space where bloggers can come together and discuss blogging. It is a creative idea to have a space to learn about marketing, failures, tips, tricks and much more!

so …  below

1. Visit here and sign up on the subscribo, so you can be informed on when the next office hours will be held.

2. Promote this initiative on your social media, so that more bloggers are aware of what is happening. (PLEASE!!)

3. Fill out this survey so that I have an idea on what is on your mind the most when it comes to blogging. Also, I would like to know which 4 hour block would be more beneficial to getting bloggers to come out. No one is expected to stay the whole time – it’s just like regular office hours where you come, take care of business, and then go about your day (or evening). (if you want more information COME!)

4. Come join us during office hours!


Skin- Anya – (Sunkissed) – Izzies
Freckles- Izzies
Eyes- Dark Blue – Zenith – Amacci
Lashes- Carmen – Mia Bilavio
Lipstick – Hyper lipstick – PDIDDLE (closed)
Hair- Bonnie- Doe- ( New @Dreamful)
Dress- Sleeveless Tank Dress – AmAzInNg CrEaTiOnS
Tights- Night Fall Stockings – Altair   (New @ Dreamful)
Earrings- HBIC – [7891] (closed)
Pose- Murisy


Dance Dance Dance




Hi guys, I am back with a fun post today! I am in love with the makeup thats from A.E. Meth! It’s fun and new at Cosmetics Fair! I am dancing away in this great one piece, from Caboodle (new @ Gen Neutral)! I hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!

Skin- Pure- Birdy (VIP Gift)
Eyes- Teal (Medium) – Amacci
Hair- Blown Away – Posh (old store closed)
Eyeshadow- Vaudeville Makeup- (Black) – A.E. Meth (NEW! AT Cosmetics Fair)
Lipstick- Vaudeville Makeup – (Lipstick)- A.E. Meth (NEW! At Cosmetics Fair)
Pants & Shirt- Ely Outfit – Caboodle (New @ Gen Neutral )
Shoes-Oakley Heels – Reign (Past 50L Friday)
Poses- Tap Poses – HelMiyo



I am loving everything dark these days. I got these new amazing Pants from C88 by Mai Bilavio I am literally obsessed with them! I am also kinda of obsessed with horror movies, that’s why this top works perfect its new from The Little Bat! Be sure to check out both of them!

Skin- November ( Peach)- Pink Acid
Eyes-Cherry – (Big) – Amacci
Lipstick- Elegant Lipstick (Blood) – Pink Acid
Nails- Boom Nails – Bella Elephante (Old Hunt Gift)
Hair- Bonoa – Blues (New! Free Group Gift)
Shirt-Team Scream – The Little Bat (NEW!)
Pants- Kelsi High Waisted Pants (Onyx)Mai Bilavio (New @ C88)
Poses- Di’s Opera




-Look 1-
Skin- Gervaise –Lara Hurley
Eyes-Kreepy Mesh Eyez – SugarBabez
Eyeliner- Creepy Geisha Eyeshadow- 02- MHC
Lipstick – My Gothic Lipstick- Plum- Pink Acid
Nails- Chevron Nails- The Little Bat
Hair- Negative- (neons) – Moon
Dress- Let’s Bone – The Little Bat
Tights- Batty Tights – Wild Oats (Old)
Horns- Little Horns –.Chu.
Nose Chain- Drippy Chain- The Little Bat
Pose – 62- The Pose Store

-Look 2-
Skin- Saukura (Milk) – The Skinnery
Eyes-Teal Eyes (big) – Amacci
Hair- Moon Child – Atomic ( New @ No. 21)
Lipstick- Deja Lip gloss (Moss)- Pink Acid
Eyeshadow- Superstar Eye shadow (smokey) – Pink Acid
Nails- Chevron Nails- The Little Bat
Tattoo- Zero Tattoo – La Malvada Mujer
Dress- Moon Child – The Little Bat
Tights-Solid Royal blue -Elate (old store closed)
Necklace-Cute Skully Choker (Old Gift ) – The Little Bat
Septum- Spiral Nose Ring – *SuPerBia*
Glasses- Vanilla Glasses Blue- La Malvada Mujer

You A Creep



I’m back! Serving you all up some fun pastel cute things! I am obsessed with The Little Bat’s creepy weird stuff! I am loving these pastel dresses! Make sure that you take a trip out to The Little Bat!

-Look 1-
Skin- Gervaise (Pale) – Lara Hurley (Free Group Join)
Eyes- “Teal” Look Eyes- Amacci
Nails- Chevron Nails – The Little Bat
Hair- Hair #125 – Love Soul
Dress- Cute & Creepy – The Little Bat
(Mouth Accessory) – Ice Cream Key Chain – Freaky Design  (Free Ice Cream Social Hunt)
Ice Cream – Sherbet Cone – Sherbert

-Look 2-
Skin-Skin- Gervaise (Pale) – Lara Hurley
Hair- Sabrina- Laviere
Freckles- Besom
Eyes- “Teal” Look Eyes- Amacci
Lipstick- Overly Transparent Lipstick (W/teeth) – Pink Acid
Nails- Chevron Nails – The Little Bat
Dress-Keep It Weird Dress- The Little Bat
Earrings- Oinky Earrings- Sherbert (Free Hunt @ Sherbet)

Wide Open Spaces





sheep-03I recently got to visit this pretty painting like sim. It was so fun taking shots here! I recently picked up this amazing dress from Aimable! I picked this up at Creators Collection ! Its really cute for fall! I hope you check it out!

Skin- Lola – Belleza (Past 50L Friday)
*Eyes- Coffee (Big) – Amacci
*Hair- Daria – Aoharu (old)
Dress- Romantic Autumn Dress- Aimable (Now available at Creators Collection)
Poses – No WoW

Its a Quickie!

1001Ive been once again so busy from summer school- i lack so bad in  blogging.


Skin– Heather (V1a) – 7 Deadly Skins (Now @ OMG GATCHA!)
Eyes-Faerie Eyes- IKON
EyeLashes – Angel Lashes – 03 – Lolita (NOW @ OMG GATCHA!)
Eyebrows-Sharp Brows- Just Magnetized
Eyeliner- Obsession –Moon
Hair- Naiesli- Blues (NEW @ Hair Fair 2015)
Shirt- Don’t Mess With My Look – Unbothered ( NOW @ Thick Room)
Shorts- WornOut Shorts – Unbothered (NOW @ Thick Room)
Nose Ring- Mr. Septum Ring- {Scene} ( NOW @ OMG GATCHA!)


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