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Its The Last Night for Tricks or Treats

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Head- Cate – Lelutka
Body- Lara- Maitreya
*Hands- Dynamic Hands- SLINK
Feet- High Feet- SLINK
Skin- Ella- A&E
Hair- sardine- *Analog Dog* (old advent calendar group gift)
Mask- Superstition Sugar Skull Mask – *Entice*
Pumpkin Costume- Pumpkin Costume Orange- *G-D* (Now @ Panic of The Pumpkin Of Okinawa)
Shoes-Halloween Shoes- Nala Design (Group Gift 30L to Join)


Head- Cate – Lelutka
Body- Hourglass- SLINK
*Hands- Dynamic Hands- SLINK
Feet- High Feet- SLINK
Skin- Ella- A&E
Hair- Aramas –DUE (Free @ Once Upon a Nightmare Hunt)
Dress- Lola Choker Dress- Lazybones
Tights- Superstition Nylons *Entice*
Shoes- Zoelle boots- Ricielli (15L’s Ricielli Halloween Hunt)
Mask-deer -curse- Storybook (Free @ Once Upon a Nightmare Hunt)
Ghost- Huggleable Ghost- *lil lama*(Free @ Trick Or Treat Lane)
Tattoo- Bloody tattoo – sn@tch(Free @ Trick Or Treat Lane)
Septum- Adela septum-Helios

Look #3

Head- Cate – Lelutka
Body- Hourglass- SLINK
*Hands- Dynamic Hands- SLINK
Feet- High Feet- SLINK
Skin- Ella- A&E
Hair- Kiran (with hands) – Nani (Free or pay 50L Hocus Pocus)
Dress- Ava Dress – Sorbert(Free or pay 50L Hocus Pocus)
Shoes- Rainbow Bone Crushers –*EPIC* (75 Linden sale!)
Necklace- Katrina Choker- .{PSYCHO:Byts}. (Free @ Trick Or Treat Lane)
Necklace- Candy Lei – *G-D* (50L’s Now @ Panic of The Pumpkin Of Okinawa)
Septum- Adela septum-Helios
Food- *Churros*- ++Twilight++ (50L’s Now @ Panic of The Pumpkin Of Okinawa)

St. Olaf Stories


Hey everyone, i am back with another posting, im back in the swing of things! Hope you enjoy these looks-

*means care of the creator (in conjunction with this blog)


  • Skin– Medium-Jessi-  {.Essences.}
  • Eyes– Clear Blue-Look Eyes (Big) –  Amacci
  • *Eyeshadow- Intense Eyeshadow 03 (only) – Pink Acid
  • *Lipstick– Pale Pink- Slik Lipstick & Teeth- Pink Acid
  • Earrings– Rope Gold- Hoops- Ryca
  • Hair– Coffee-Thrill Hair – Nikita Fride
  • Dress-Porn Studded Dress-Cold- Gang/Cold
  • Leggings– Gold Metallic Shine- Leggings- (Gold) – League  (Free group joiner gift)
  • Shoes– Studded Wedge-Gold-Black- Whatever  (Old Fifty Five Linden Friday Item)
  • Clutch– Leather Clutch-Nude- 215 Couture
  • *Pose –Well, it depends – .jaH.



  • Skin– Heim 04-Milk- 🙂 BCC
  • Eyes– Clear Blue-Look Eyes (Big) –  Amacci
  • Hair– Cinnamon- Blank- Ink
  • *Lipstick-Nude-Juicy Fruit Lips- Pink Acid
  • *Eyeline & Eyelashes – Pink/White Metallic Eyeliner & Lashes- Pink Acid
  • Sweater– Sweater- Mesh- .::Censored::. (censored hunt 20L’s)
  • Skirt– Let’s Go Skirt- ShuShu- Ruffled- Esteqistal Designs
  • *Tights– Solid Orange Tights- Elate ( no location ATM but contact kellie iwish )
  • Shoes– Shimmer Platform Pumps –Nude- Adore&Abhor
  • *Tote– Coastal Tote-Olive- .:Somnia:.
  • Bow-Gyaru Bow – White – [Glue Ink] (But can be purchased @ [Blah] )
  • *Pose – [Gala] 01- dfo!  (from One Voice Event 2012)

It Sure Seems Like It To Me, Jason


Hey Guys! Hope you had a fab weekend! I know i did, i did some christmas festive things today (a little early i know! ) I hope you enjoy these looks, as we move into the holiday season (get read for fun!)  Hope You Enjoy xx


Peace Love & Pistachios



-Credits- (*Indicates C/O creator)

Look #1

Skin: Coco-Natural Skin-Rozena (Free Group Gift)
*Eyes-Clear Blue Eyes-Big-Amacci- (NEW @ All Around The World)
*Lipstick:  Eyelashes + Breeze Lipstick- Pink Acid
Hair:  Ivonne-Milk Tea- Hinako Hair (Free Pimp My Hunter Hunt)
Sweater: Female Cat Sweater <.ROM.>
Socks: Wool Socks- Ducknipple (FREE)
Boots:  Leopard 3DR death Boots – Death Row Designs (Free Lucky Board)
*Necklace- Autumn Necklace -Seasons Pendant -Sour Pickles (NEW)
*Clutch- That’s So Disco Clutch -Baubles by Phe!
*Pose-Strike The Pose 2- Hmaem +



Skin- HappyEidAdha- JeSyLiLO – (Group Gift 50L’s Join)
*Eyes-Clear Blue Eyes-Big-Amacci- (NEW @ All Around The World)
Hair- Kotoko Hair-Black- Censored (Free Group Gift)
Jacket-Yoko’s  Jacket- Caramel- Dots- Paradsis – (Free)
Pants-Maddy Jeans-Bounce
*Boots-Aussie Uggs-Lilac- ::Intrepid:: (New @ All Around The World)
Piercing:  Two Pink/Purple -Birthday Gift -Atooly (Free @ Censored Birthday Party)
Glasses-Black- *Stars*Fashion (Free @ Censored Birthday Party)

Look #3

Skin: Maria-*Soleil Dark* -Sugar-Essences (TDR)
*Eyes-Clear Blue Eyes-Big-Amacci- (NEW @ All Around The World)
*Lipstick: Electric Blue-Elegant Lipstick-Pink Acid
Hair-Baby_Karafuru 09- [Taketomi] (NEW)
Shoes-Mesh Platform High Heels- .::Deer::. (Free @ Censored Birthday Celebration)
Shirt-Cute Cat Sweater-Honey Pang (Free Group Gift)
Necklace-Bow Necklace-Lilac – Glow Studio (NEW)
Glasses-Black- *Stars*Fashion (Free @ Censored Birthday Party)
Bag-Elephant Bag-Light-TokiD (TDR)
*Bracelets: BubbleGumBaub- Baubles by PHE!
*Pose-Strength Mini Series 3- BANG

It’s The Great Pumpkin-Poly It’s the Great Pumpkin!!

Hey guys! Are you getting excited for halloween! It’s almost here!!! I get so excited for halloween goodies and fun! I have way to much fun posting these “Theme” posts in my blog! Haha, i hope you’ll enjoy this round of fun halloween items!!



Credits Below

Look #1

  • *Skin- Liya Halloween Special-Reila Skins (TYSM!)
  • *Eyes- Halloween Eyes- Reila Skins (TYSM!)
  • Hair- Halloween Gift Hair 2012-Black- Dura (Group Gift)
  • Dress- Amerie Halloween Dress-Amerie  (Ghost Hunt Gift @ Amerie’s)
  • Tights- Halloween Spider Web Tights- *GF* (Old Gift 2010)
  • Shoes- Beth Bootie-Black – *GF*  (50% Off Halloween Sale)
  • Hat-Halloween Lapin Hat- Amerie (Ghost Hunt Gift @Amerie’s)
  • KeyChain- Bat Mouthie-Freaky Design -(@ ScaryFace Gatcha Fest!)
  • Bag- Pumpkin bag 09 – :Sey – (6/7 Free Ghost Hunt @ Amerie)
  • Scrunchie- Uw. St Ghost Halloween Scrunchie- Uw.St (Free Ghost Hunt @Amerie’s)
  • *Pose-Kawaii 01-Apple Spice (From Kawaii fair 2012)
  • Skin: Celena -JStyLe Store- (free BOo Bunny Hunt)
  • *Eyes: Creepy Eyes-( part of Creepy Pumpkin Halloween)- Irrisistible Shop
  • Hair:Hallooween Hair 2011 (old gift) -Love*Soul* (not sure if available stilL)
  • *Makeup-Fierce Kitty Eyeliner-Pink Acid
  • *Dress: Ripped Mini-Halloween- [Glue Ink] (thank you becksy <3 loves you for making this dress at my request LOVE!*
  • Tights: Halloween Set-Lavanda Chic- Lavanda – (Free @ Halloween Market)
  • Furry Cat Boots: +NK+ Jack-O-Nyan-Tan- +NK+ (Free Halloween Hunt @ +NK+)
  • *Earrings- Space Earrings-Black- [7891]
  • Gloves-  The Pumpkin Jelly Gloves-Paradisis (Free! Pumpkin Hunt @Paradisis)
  • Neckalce:  Treat ? XD- +NK+  (Free Hunt item @ +NK+)
  • Cookie- Cookies 😀 – +NK+ (Free Hunt Item @ +NK+)
  • *Pose Strike The Pose No 4- -Hmaem-

Look #3

  • Skin: LoVeLyGoddess-Astraia Mistiness- *RoNa BoDy BeAuTy (Free Group Gift Group Fee To Join)
  • *Eyes-Halloween Eyes-Reila Skins (TYSM!)
  • Hair-Halloween 2012 -WOD- Dura – (Group Gift Halloween 2012)
  • Dress: Halloween Dress-Night- Honey Kitty (Free Ghost Hunt @Amerie’s )
  • Shoes- Ribbon Slingback Shoes-Black -*GF* (50% black & orange sale)
  • Bag-  Ghost Bag-Censored-(90L’s @ Forgotten Closet)
  • Backpack- Ghosty Bat Backpack- RARE- FreakyDesign (@ScaryFace Gatcha 30l’s)
  • Headband- Love Halloween – +::::+Natural+:::+ (Group Gift 99L’s Join)
  • Tounge-Cute Tounge -Gift Version- +:::Natural+:::+ (Group Gift 99l’s Join)
  • Necklace-Bear Heart – +:::Natural+:::+ (Group Gift 99l’s Join)
  • Earrings-Bear Heart -+:::Natural+:::+ (Group Gift 99l’s Join)
  • *Pose- Casual Girl 1= Focus Poses (One Voice Event)

Mickey Richardsons Halloween Party



Hey guys, are you ready…Halloween is a coming.. .and you know that this blog LOVES “Holiday Themed” posts! I have spent quite a bit of time putting these looks together from different hunts, to different findings on the marketplace. I have to say :)BCC is my favorite store and i am in love with the batty doll they released for the Halloween Hunt! I also brought out socks i made last year for halloween! I just love halloween!! I hope you have fun styling and go check out these hunts, TONS of cool gifts! (i know i seem like i have alot of time! it took alot of time xx)
-Peace, Love and Pumpkins



Look #1
Skin: Smudge Skin-Censored- (10L’s -SH- Hunt)
Eyes: Hani Eyes -Blue- :)BCC (5L’s Halloween Hunt)
Hair: Seth-Night + Orange – Amacci- (Free Halloween Gift)
Tongue: Tricks or Treats Mouthie- BB (Free TOT hunt)
Dress:  Halloween Mesh Strapless Dress- SC (SeddysCreations) -(Free TOT Hunt)
Tights: Dott Leggings- :)BCC (free BCC halloween hunt)
Earrings: **Halloween Art*** Earpiece – +:+WTG+:+ (100L’s Group Join)
Necklace: **Halloween Art** Necklace – +:+WTG+:+ (100L’s Group Join)
Nails/Rings:  **Halloween Art** Jeweled Nail +:+WTG+:+ (100L’s Group Join)
Shoulder Pet- Nyampire Shoulder Pet- Sugarnova (Free TOT Hunt)
Batty: Bat Doll- :)BCC- (free :)BCC Hunt)
Mask: Feathered Red Mask – DemotiK (Free TOT Hunt)
Tattoo: Bloody Wounds-Graffitwear- (Free TOT hunt)

Skin:  Alicia Skin-Halloween 02- InkHeart (1l Marketplace)
Hair: Devil Hair- Truth- OLD OLD OLD
Eyes: Hani Eyes-Blue-:)BCC (5L’s Halloween Hunt)
Nails: Colorful Halloween Nails-*Baby* (Free Marketplace)
Lashes: Lovely Widow Lashes -Mesh (NEW) -Pdiddle- (Gift Group Join Fee)
Boots:  Pumpkin Buckle -Boot- Curious Kitties- (Free Marketplace)
*Shirt- Pumpkin Moth- Tee- (Mesh) – Cracked Mirror (thanks!)
Pants: Lil Batty Lounge Pants- <P3> (Free TOT hunt)
Glasses: Yabusaka Glasses- *-MeshedKidds*- (Free Kandi Korn Hunt)
Earrings: DayoftheDeadDiva-Earrings-Baubles! By Phe (free BBBH Hunt)
Choker: DayOfTheDeadDiva Choker-Baubles! By Phe(Free BBBH Hunt)
Bracelet-DayOfTheDeadDiva Bracelet-Baubles! By Phe (Free BBBH Hunt)
Ipod & Headphones- Kpod :PE: Boby Picket Monster Mash- K&B (Free TOT Hunt)
Ghost – Cuddle Ghost -*DivaLicious* – (Free TOT Hunt) (A special thank you to Jodie Szapira for moding it for me to cuddle with)
Cat: Halloween Gift 2012-HPMD- Happy Mood (Gift Free)
*Pose-India FL – Pekka Poses

Skin: Autumn Skin Gift -CandyMetal (1L MarketPlace)
Eyes: Hani Eyes -Blue- :)BCC (5L’s Halloween Hunt)
Bloddy Tattoo: Blood in the Face-AngelDust (Free Angeldust Halloween Hunt)
Hoodie: Adidas Hoodie- :)BCC (:)BCC Halloween Hunt Free)
Socks: Little Cutey Pumpkin Socks – :::PISTACHIO::: (Made by Me!)
Shoes: Pump-Kins-*BDM* (Marketplace)
Hair:  Nami- Burnt Orange & Red- Amacci – (Free Halloween Gift)
Nails: Moon & Stars -Studio Nails (NTTT Hunt Item Free)
Tounge: Jily’s Sweet Treat-SugarBuzz (10l’s Marketplace)
Headband:  Jily’s Batty Headband- SugarBuzz (5l’s MarketPlace)
Ring: Jily’s batty ring -SugarBuzz (5L’s Marketplace)
Earrings: Halloween-y- Mellow Earrings-Primalot (free NTTT hunt)
Necklace: Halloween-Y-Mellow Necklace- Primalot
Glasses: Trick Or Treat Glasses- Things I Like (1L ArisAris Sim Hunt)
Shoulder Pet- Hello Batty!- Angeldust (Free Angeldust halloween Hunt)
Pose: Strike Pose 4 -Label Motion



Holy Moly Kawaii Fair

Hey Guys! Been awhile since my st patricks day post! I wanted to write you today and tell you about kawaii fair happening till the 28th of april. This fair is pretty much right up my alley. I LOVE super cute anything, so i was so excited to be invited to this awesome fair, i feel so grateful to sl for having interests that fit my tastes! I  want to say a personal thanks to all the creators for the hardwork for kawaii fair, i love love love love what i see (did i mention i love it?) i had so much fun putting these looks together , i hope you take the time to check it out and enjoy it,

peace & love & pistachios.

poly.pistachio –

credits after the nuts are cracked….

Look #1

Skin: UrKiddo-Sunkiss – :::Modish:::  (Kawaii Fair)

Eyes: Kitten Floral Eyes- Black- Splash (Kawaii Fair)

Lipstick: Glossy Purriwinkle- Blue- Pididdle

Shirt: Mesh Short Sweater – *.::DeeR::.* (Kawaii Fair)

Bodysuit: Glance-Purple/Lime- [Yulicie] – (Kawaii Fair)

Socks: Bunny Socks – Baby Blue – [Yulicie] – (Kawaii Fair)

Headband- Pretty Little Cake Headband- Blue- LolaPop!

Glasses: Kitten Glasses- White- Splash! (kawaii fair)

Bag- Gummy Bear- SuPerBia (kawaii fair)


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