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Turkey Travelin Time





Happy Weekend everyone! Fabulous new everything is coming into play in life again! I am lucky this weekend! I wanted to share with you the last of my decor posts for Thanksgiving! Please make sure that you check out these great gifts, and hunts before thanksgiving is over <3!




Sky box – Simple White Chalk Sky box- Silent Woods ($1L on the Marketplace)

Bed- Blue Rustic Memories Bed –:.EARTHWORX.: (Now @ Twe12ve )
Bench- Memories Bench- The Artist Shed (Now @ Twe12ve )
Thanksgiving Table- CHATEAU DINING SET 2 or 4 – X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS (Free X-Clusive Hunt find the turkey filled with the gifts)
Chair- Royal Heritage Monarch’s Armchair (dark olive) –StoraxTree ($1L Chasin the Gobbler Hunt)
Table- Autumn Gords Table-StoraxTree ($2L Antique Quest Hunt)
Bike- H & C wheeler’s Gobbler- H & C Wheels ($1L Chasin the Gobbler Hunt)
Table- Thanksgiving Blackboard Art Table Set- Zen Creations ($5L on the marketplace)

Give Thanks (frame & pumpkins) – Chez Moi
Thanksgiving ChalkboardLa Biche  (Free Gift @ The Gacha Garden make sure you join the group to get gift)
Happy Thanksgiving Day Sign – Christmas Fair($1L The Bird and the Bones Hunt)
Autumn Candles- Christmas Fair ($1L Turkey Shootin Hunt)
Steven Jobbles (Turkey) – B&R ($1L Chasin the Gobbler Hunt)
Sign- Memories in Love – Myth (Now @ Twe12ve )
Combo Daisy Pallet- Cute as F*ck – ($1L Four Seasons Hunt)


I Dont Like Human Beings



Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! I wanted to share with you the great goodies still available for a few more days! You must go check out all the great Halloween Hunts, Events and Deals going on! I have done most of the hunts this year! Every year Halloween gets better and better on SL . I am obsessed with all things creepy  & Halloween! Have a wonderful week!

-Look #1-

Skin-Ivory (moda skin) –!Alaska Metro
Head- Nicki -(Static Head)- Catwa
Eyes- Serpentina Eyes- (Green)- Frick (Frick Annual Halloween Hunt $1L)
Eye Makeup- Serpentina Makeup (Light Red) –Frick (Frick Annual Halloween Hunt $1L)
Lipstick- Serpentina (Blue) – Frick (Frick Annual Halloween Hunt $1L)
Nails- Koffin Nails- Triskaidekaphobia 13 – *Dark Passions*
Hair-Stacy- Lamb
Tongue- Demon Tongue- Mello(Free- Part of the Nightmare Event Hunt Gifts)
Tail- Beatie Giest Tail – ::Ambix:: (Free- Part of the Nightmare Event Hunt Gifts)
Dress- Puffy Short Dress (Trick) – CuCu ($1L A Trick or a Treat Hunt)
Boots- I.C.U Doc Martins –CuCu ($20L Group Joiner For the Store Hunt- Guess the Riddles for $1L )
Earrings- Ghost in the Pumpkin Earrings- *Frangipani Garden* ( Gift from Panic of Pumpkin 2016 in Okinawa Hunt)
Nose Jewelry- HW-hanage- *MGSIT-STORE*  ( Gift from Panic of Pumpkin 2016 in Okinawa Hunt)
Necklace-Jawbone Necklace- Static (Free- Part of the Nightmare Event Hunt Gifts)
Basket- Trick or Treat Basket- Anachron (Free- Part of the Nightmare Event Hunt Gifts)

-Look #2-

Skin- Bloody Ghost (Milk) (Catwa Head applier) – The Skinnery
Head (static)- Nicki – Catwa
Eyes- Creepy Glowing White Eyes- DemotiK (Free Part of the A Trick Or Treat Hunt)
Hair- New Girl – *Besom* (New @ Salem)
Top- Blood (1) -/QUR Gacha/- YOME SHOUJO (Now available at Panic of Pumpkin 2016 in Okinawa)
Skirt- Bood (1) –/QUR Gacha/- YOME SHOUJO (Now available at Panic of Pumpkin 2016 in Okinawa)
Skeleton Leg- Skeletal Leg- Tamagosenbei (Now at the Nightmare Event)
Tattoo- Ebba Leg Tattoo – Suicide Girls (Free- Part of the Nightmare Event Hunt Gifts)
Ghost- CuCu Protecting Ghost – CuCu! (Free Part of the CuCu Hunt Group join $20L’s)

-Look #3 –

Skin-Fallen – (corset) – Pumpkin- [ NM ] (1L @ Jeepers Creepers Hunt)
Eyes- Veruska Eyes- Goths *Ink Heart* – (Free *Ink Heart Halloween Hunt*)
Eyeshadow- Serpentina – Frick- (1L Frick Halloween Hunt- (A MUST DO for Halloween Hunts)!
Hair- Malvolia.Hair -(Pastel) – Nani Hair- (Now @ Bloody Horror Fest )
Lipstick- Serpentina (in green) – Frick (1L Frick Halloween Hunt– (A MUST DO for Halloween hunts)
Tattoo- Mabb Tattoo- Pin Up (Now @ Mad Circus 2)
Dress- The Butcher Dress (with meat)- Moon Amore – (Now @ N-Twenty-One)
Spider- Eeek! Ghost Spider- Silent Sparrow– (Today’s Gift @ Panic of Pumpkin 2016 in Okinawa) (must get by end of the day or it will be gone!)
Hat- Pumpkin Cake Hat- DownDownDown (Gift (though not sure available still) Panic of Pumpkin 2016 in Okinawa)
Pumpkin (in Mouth) – Blue Pumpkin Wagashi- Schadenfreude – Gift (though not sure available still) Panic of Pumpkin 2016 in Okinawa)

The Blogger Office Hours

Hello Everyone! ( I know its been along time since I’ve Blogged)  I just wanted to let you all know that there will be office hours on Thursday July 7th 2015. It is from 1 PM – 5 PM SLT.  Myself and Monica have made ourselves available to be moderates and sources of information for anyone interested in talking blogging.


So you are probably wanting to know what the Blogger Office Hours is?

Blogger office hours, is a space where bloggers can come together and discuss blogging. It is a creative idea to have a space to learn about marketing, failures, tips, tricks and much more!

so …  below

1. Visit here and sign up on the subscribo, so you can be informed on when the next office hours will be held.

2. Promote this initiative on your social media, so that more bloggers are aware of what is happening. (PLEASE!!)

3. Fill out this survey so that I have an idea on what is on your mind the most when it comes to blogging. Also, I would like to know which 4 hour block would be more beneficial to getting bloggers to come out. No one is expected to stay the whole time – it’s just like regular office hours where you come, take care of business, and then go about your day (or evening). (if you want more information COME!)

4. Come join us during office hours!


Skin- Anya – (Sunkissed) – Izzies
Freckles- Izzies
Eyes- Dark Blue – Zenith – Amacci
Lashes- Carmen – Mia Bilavio
Lipstick – Hyper lipstick – PDIDDLE (closed)
Hair- Bonnie- Doe- ( New @Dreamful)
Dress- Sleeveless Tank Dress – AmAzInNg CrEaTiOnS
Tights- Night Fall Stockings – Altair   (New @ Dreamful)
Earrings- HBIC – [7891] (closed)
Pose- Murisy


Monday Happiness




Happy Monday everyone! Sadly my summer vacation is over today! Tomorrow I start school and my internship. I hope you enjoy these beautiful items I am loving. I am currently obsessed with floral fields. I love shooting in them. I do also enjoy pretty sims! I hope that you are having a blessed Monday.

Credits -Below-

Skin-Anya *Sun kissed* – Izzies
Eyes- Fall Eyes (Rain) – *InkHeart*
Eye shadow- Eye shadow Blue –Izzies
Hair- Tin Foiled- Moon (New @ No. 21)
Hands/Feet- Slink
Dress- T shirt (w/ denim flare) – {Amiable} ( New @ No. 21)
Shoes- Buenos Aries- Essence- ( Group Gift @ FaMeshed)
Necklace- Birdie gacha (#07) – Ersch (New @ Whimsical)
Choker- Bloom Choker Daisy- Attic (New @ Whimsical)
Daisy Tears- Bloom Tears (red) – Attic (New @ Whimsical)
Bracelet-Bloom Wrap (gacha) – Attic (New @ Whimsical)
Hair Bow- Blair Bow (rainbow)- Atooly (Free Gift @ The Chapter 4)
Balloon- Smiling Emoji – Since 1975 ( Now available @ Gacha Garden)
Teddy Bear- SL Teddy Bear (Sweet Lies #4) (Gacha) –Sweet Lies ( Now available @ Gacha Garden)
Poses- +::Natural::+ 

The Secret Garden


Hi guys! I know it has been a bit since I have blogged. I have been away due to computer issues. I am here to blog a few new things. I found a few new things from different events I am absolutely loving. Check out the details below!

Head- Mikki Head (#3) (gacha) – The Sugar Garden ( New @ Kawaii Project)
Eyes- Rain Eyes -(Fall)- *Ink Heart*
Hands/Feet- Slink
Hair- Gigi (gacha) – Pr!tty – – (Now Available @ Chapter 4)
Top- Long Tailed {frilled} top-(gacha) – {amiable} (Now Available @ Chapter 4)
Shoes- Lace Up Heel (gacha) – {amiable}(Now Available @ Chapter 4)
Choker- Bow & Trinket – *Pink Acid* ( Free Gift @ Chapter 4)
Necklace- Azhar Necklace- Lagyo ( Free Gift @ Chapter 4)
Earring- Gift Earrings – Zoom (Free Gift @  @ Chapter 4)
Bracelet- Flower Bracelet – Azoury(Free Gift @ Chapter 4)
Pose- Tea Soup

I see you windin & grindin




I am so sorry, that  I have been absent. My hosting company hasnt been really that great Now I am finally back! I thought I’d post this awesome sweater.  Its actually a guys sweater. I thought Id try it as a ladies sweater! I am excited to be back


Skin- Lorenda – Meghindo’s
Hands & Feets- Slink
Eyes- Wood Eyes (Haydes Eyes) – *Ink Heart*
Hair- Street Chic (w/ bangs) – .Shi (Now Available @ Kustom 9)
Sweater- Ross Fur Vest – Swagg Daddy Clothing (Now available at ON Point Event Room)
Tights-Opaque Tights (Silver) – Elate (No Longer Available)
Glasses- Olivia Glasses- Elate (No Longer Available)
Earrings- Bow Studs – Pink Acid
Piercing- Septum Piercing 2.0 – [7891]
Boots- Thigh High Camel Boots – *Grumble*
Poses- Murisy

Happy Fall…Ya’ll


Building- White Camp Trailer (Rare)- Toiz (New @ Sanarae)
Walls- moveable walls (dark wood) – BALACLAVA
Lights- String Lights – Floorplan
Hay balePile (large) – The Artist Shed (Free EnMeshed into Fall Hunt)
Fall Bunting- The Artist Shed (Free EnMeshed into Fall Hunt)
Hay bale(Single) – The Artist Shed (Free EnMeshed into Fall Hunt)
Tall Pumpkin- The Artist Shed (Free EnMeshed into Fall Hunt)
Pumpkin- The Artist Shed(Free EnMeshed into Fall Hunt)
Pumpkin (Happy Fall Ya’ll) – Zoobatos(Free EnMeshed into Fall Hunt)
Glam Pumpkins- *Shabby Tabby*-(Free EnMeshed into Fall Hunt)
Fall Topiary Pumpkin & Leaves – Fairey Angel Creations- (Free EnMeshed into Fall Hunt)


Skin- Kalani (Carmel) – .AlterEgo. -(Free The Autumn Effect Hunt)
Hair-Amber – [KoKoLoReS](New @ Cosmetics Fair)
Crown-Fruits of the Fall Crown – IT(Free EnMeshed into Fall Hunt)
Mouth – Metal Mouth – Adored (New @ Cosmetics Fair)
Eyes-Autumn Eyes- Arise(Free The Autumn Effect Hunt)
Eyeliner- Obsession Eyeliner– Moon
Lipstick-Autumn Lipstick – Censored (Old/store closed)
Nails- Autumn Nails – Toxxic Pandora (Free The Autumn Effect Hunt)
Sweater-Autumn Mesh Sweater- Cupcake Clothing –(Free EnMeshed into Fall Hunt)
Shoes- Beige Leaf Shoes – Basta(Free EnMeshed into Fall Hunt)
Crow- Shoulder Pet Crow- Les Sucreries de Fairy (Free EnMeshed into Fall Hunt)
Pose-Kristy Pose- Imeka

Wide Open Spaces





sheep-03I recently got to visit this pretty painting like sim. It was so fun taking shots here! I recently picked up this amazing dress from Aimable! I picked this up at Creators Collection ! Its really cute for fall! I hope you check it out!

Skin- Lola – Belleza (Past 50L Friday)
*Eyes- Coffee (Big) – Amacci
*Hair- Daria – Aoharu (old)
Dress- Romantic Autumn Dress- Aimable (Now available at Creators Collection)
Poses – No WoW

New Colors New Designers




I’m back in what seems like forever. I wanted to post some fun new items from *Thick Room*.  Lots of these designers are all brand new to me. I really have been into to color lately! I hope you enjoy.

Look #1
Skin- Pink Acid
Hair- Lunatic- “happy” – Vanity Hair (NEW!)
*Clothing- Cross Colors- !(HR 3.0) (New @ Thick Room)
Heels- Anemuna Heels – Glamistry *(Free ~ Gift)
Shades- Oversized “Cateye” Glasses- Yummy ( @ C88)
Earrings- Cow Cum Earrings- [7891]
*Poses – Murisy

Look #2
*Skin- Sharon-(Bare)- Pink Acid
Eyes- Utopia Eyes- Ikon
Eyeliner- Obsession- Moon
Brows- Sharp Brows –Just Magnetized
*Nails – Figure
Hair- Cheap Mess- Tableau Viviant ( New @ Shiny Shaby)
*Lipstick- Skittles Lipstick (in Red) – Pink Acid
*Derrick Rose Body Suit- Urbano (New @ Thick Room)
*Heels -Kesha Heels- (Black / Gold ) Twisted Glam (New @ Thick Room)
*Necklace- Trust No Bitch- [1987] *Poses – Murisy

Look #3
*Skin – “Chepi” in Peach – Pink Acid
*Moon -Tangerine- Moon (New @ N.21)
Eyes- Uptopia Eyes – IkonLondon Heart-
Brows – Sharp Brows- Just Magnetized
*Outfit- Purple Just Chillen (Set)- London Heart(New @ Thick Room)
Viola Heels – White – ::DB DOLlZ:: (New @ Thick Room)
*Poses – Murisy

have a great weekend



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