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I’m A Beach Bunny


Here are previews for Beached Bunny Hunt, these are some prizes that you can find in the hunt! More information can be found here at Evil Bunny Blogspot  All the prizes, and designers are listed there on the website (although i went through them.

Body: “Hourglass”- Slink
Head- Catya – Catwa
Hands- Lara- Maitreya
Hair -Bardi- Foxy
Skin- “Lefort” – Revoul (Dark brows)
Lipstick- Pink Fuel
Blush- “Cora Blush”-  The Little Bat (Now @ Twe12ve)
Body Suit- Vanilla Bae (Free Lucky Board ~ Group Joiner $99)
Shoes- Vanilla Bae (Free Group Joiner $99)

The Second Life Blogger Struggles

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I wanted to write a blog, and open up about my struggles within second life. I was encouraged by bloggers and others to share about my past and what I’ve been through. If you have delt with the same problems feel free to share your story too. I hope that you find this information helpful and worthy to watch.

Thank You,


Look #1

Body- Lara- Maitreya
Head- Chloe- Lelutka
Hands- Dynamic hands- Slink
Hair- Sardine- Analog Dog (old advent calendar gift)
Shirt- **Soju** Em Event Gift- **Soju** (Free Gift at the EM Event)
Tattoo- Colors of Spring Tattoo- [PU]  (Free Group Gift)
Fox- Red Panda – ::FxM:: (Free Gift at the EM Event)
Necklace- Lady’s Black Necklace- Ladys (Free Gift at the EM Event)

Panic of The Pumpkin In Okinawa Event!

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Hey everyone. I wanted to say thank you for all the love I’ve received on my first video! You guys are all so sweet. I worked hard on this next video. I have improved my intro and outro. I am pretty happy with it. In this video, I talk about a great event in which I love. The Panic of the Pumpkin in Okinawa! This is a fun themed Halloween event on the grid. I go through the sim and explain the hunt. In past posts, you can see some of the prizes I have blogged/ and or gachas. Be Sure that you Check it out! Please make sure you like this post and subscribe to my youtube channel!

Style Credits:

Head-Cate – Lelutka
Body- Lara- Maitreya
Hands-Dynamic Hands Slink
Hair- Dead Claudia – Rare Hair (gacha) –.{PSYCHO:Byts}. (Now @ The Secret Hideout)
Eyes- Pumpkin Eyes- *NamiChuu* – (Free @ The Nightmare Event– Collect All the Teeth receive the prizes)
Lipstick- Alaskametro
Dress- Halloween Nightmare- *FG* (Hunt item from Panic of the Pumpkin In Okinawa)
Hat- Nightmare (part of the dress) – – *FG* (Hunt item from Panic of the Pumpkin In Okinawa)

Tricks or Treats….




Greetings! As you can see , I am not over Halloween! I have more to show you. I found out today about a few great events! You need to check out the Trunk or Treat Event. Its mostly for SL kids (but there is a lot of cute stuff there!). Make sure you also check out Trick or Treat Lane! Lots of fun Halloween gifts to be had by all! Make sure you check these things out before they are gone!

Look 1
Skin-Skin- Gemma – (old gacha) – Honey– The Skinnery
Eyes- Goths (blood eyes) – = *InkHeart*(Free Ink Heart Halloween Hunt)
Hair- Amy (bloody purple) – Alice Project (Old Hunt Gift)
(Body/ Mouth/ Spine Attachment) –Gluttonous Orifice (Now @ Bloody Horror Fest)
Shoes- Demon Tips – Vengeful Threads
Scar Tattoo- Open Chest Scar (with pasties)- ..:: Merlific ::..
Tattoo (On Forehead) – Lost Star Wound- Cubic Cherry
Blood Tears- Bloody Tears – Repulse
Necklace- Spike Collar- Schadenfreude (Free Gift @ The Nightmare Event)
Headband- Cats N Spring – {RAWR} MUFFINZ*(Free @ Trick or Treat Lane)

Look 2
Skin- Zoey – (Bare Face) – Honey– The Skinnery
Eyes- Veruska Eyes – Goths – ( Emerald ) = *InkHeart*(Free Ink Heart Halloween Hunt)
Nails- Koffin Nails- *Dark Passions*
Nose Bleed- Nose Bleed- The Horror (free Gift @ The Nightmare Event)
Hair- Handy Hair – (Beauty Ghoul) – – Nani (Now @ Epiphany)
Dress- Sophia (Pumpkin in Gray) – :Crom: (5L Crom Halloween Hunt)
Shirt (underneath dress) – Supernatural(Free @ Trick or Treat Lane)
Socks- Batty Socks – :::Pistachio::: (made by me old old old)
Bracelet- Skully Bracelet- The Little Bat (Free @ Trick or Treat Lane)
Shoes- GLS (edition) – ~Black Arts~ (Free @ Trick orTreat Lane)
Necklace (1) – Bolt Necklace – Zombie Suicide (Free @ Trick or Treat Lane)
Necklace (2) – Spider Necklace- .HollyWeird. (Free @ Trick orTreat Lane)
Ring- Silver Skeleton ring – Purple Moon Creations – (Free @ Trick orTreat Lane)
Horns- Supernatural(Free @ Trick orTreat Lane)
Glasses- Batty Glasses- Cute Poison – (Free @ Trick or Treat Lane)
Treat Bucket- Schadenfreude Treat Bucket, 2016 – Schadenfreude (free- a Halloween MUST GET!)


    Look 3

Skin- Zoey – (Bare Face) – Honey– The Skinnery
Eyes- Veruska Eyes – Goths – ( Emerald ) = *InkHeart*(Free Ink Heart Halloween Hunt)
Makeup- TWH black- VileCult (Now @ Salem)
Hair- Batty Girl (Beauty Ghoul) (Rare Gacha) – Nani (Now @ Epiphany)
Nails- Koffin Nails- *Dark Passions*
Sweater-Monster Mouth Pullover- {Ichigo} (Free Now @ Trunk or Treat)
Skirt-*HW-black+red*- YOMESHOUJO ( Free @ Panic of the Pumpkin in Okinawa)
Balloon- Boo-Balloon – Little Lama (Free Now @ Trunk or Treat)

I Dont Like Human Beings



Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! I wanted to share with you the great goodies still available for a few more days! You must go check out all the great Halloween Hunts, Events and Deals going on! I have done most of the hunts this year! Every year Halloween gets better and better on SL . I am obsessed with all things creepy  & Halloween! Have a wonderful week!

-Look #1-

Skin-Ivory (moda skin) –!Alaska Metro
Head- Nicki -(Static Head)- Catwa
Eyes- Serpentina Eyes- (Green)- Frick (Frick Annual Halloween Hunt $1L)
Eye Makeup- Serpentina Makeup (Light Red) –Frick (Frick Annual Halloween Hunt $1L)
Lipstick- Serpentina (Blue) – Frick (Frick Annual Halloween Hunt $1L)
Nails- Koffin Nails- Triskaidekaphobia 13 – *Dark Passions*
Hair-Stacy- Lamb
Tongue- Demon Tongue- Mello(Free- Part of the Nightmare Event Hunt Gifts)
Tail- Beatie Giest Tail – ::Ambix:: (Free- Part of the Nightmare Event Hunt Gifts)
Dress- Puffy Short Dress (Trick) – CuCu ($1L A Trick or a Treat Hunt)
Boots- I.C.U Doc Martins –CuCu ($20L Group Joiner For the Store Hunt- Guess the Riddles for $1L )
Earrings- Ghost in the Pumpkin Earrings- *Frangipani Garden* ( Gift from Panic of Pumpkin 2016 in Okinawa Hunt)
Nose Jewelry- HW-hanage- *MGSIT-STORE*  ( Gift from Panic of Pumpkin 2016 in Okinawa Hunt)
Necklace-Jawbone Necklace- Static (Free- Part of the Nightmare Event Hunt Gifts)
Basket- Trick or Treat Basket- Anachron (Free- Part of the Nightmare Event Hunt Gifts)

-Look #2-

Skin- Bloody Ghost (Milk) (Catwa Head applier) – The Skinnery
Head (static)- Nicki – Catwa
Eyes- Creepy Glowing White Eyes- DemotiK (Free Part of the A Trick Or Treat Hunt)
Hair- New Girl – *Besom* (New @ Salem)
Top- Blood (1) -/QUR Gacha/- YOME SHOUJO (Now available at Panic of Pumpkin 2016 in Okinawa)
Skirt- Bood (1) –/QUR Gacha/- YOME SHOUJO (Now available at Panic of Pumpkin 2016 in Okinawa)
Skeleton Leg- Skeletal Leg- Tamagosenbei (Now at the Nightmare Event)
Tattoo- Ebba Leg Tattoo – Suicide Girls (Free- Part of the Nightmare Event Hunt Gifts)
Ghost- CuCu Protecting Ghost – CuCu! (Free Part of the CuCu Hunt Group join $20L’s)

-Look #3 –

Skin-Fallen – (corset) – Pumpkin- [ NM ] (1L @ Jeepers Creepers Hunt)
Eyes- Veruska Eyes- Goths *Ink Heart* – (Free *Ink Heart Halloween Hunt*)
Eyeshadow- Serpentina – Frick- (1L Frick Halloween Hunt- (A MUST DO for Halloween Hunts)!
Hair- Malvolia.Hair -(Pastel) – Nani Hair- (Now @ Bloody Horror Fest )
Lipstick- Serpentina (in green) – Frick (1L Frick Halloween Hunt– (A MUST DO for Halloween hunts)
Tattoo- Mabb Tattoo- Pin Up (Now @ Mad Circus 2)
Dress- The Butcher Dress (with meat)- Moon Amore – (Now @ N-Twenty-One)
Spider- Eeek! Ghost Spider- Silent Sparrow– (Today’s Gift @ Panic of Pumpkin 2016 in Okinawa) (must get by end of the day or it will be gone!)
Hat- Pumpkin Cake Hat- DownDownDown (Gift (though not sure available still) Panic of Pumpkin 2016 in Okinawa)
Pumpkin (in Mouth) – Blue Pumpkin Wagashi- Schadenfreude – Gift (though not sure available still) Panic of Pumpkin 2016 in Okinawa)

It’s an Omen

Skin- Gemma 2- The Skinnery
Makeup-Harlequin Makeup (Full-Rainbow) – {Frick}  (Free- Frick Halloween Hunt)
Eyes- Halloween Eyes- Obscure (M) –*InkHeart* (Free- 13th Nightmare Grid Wide Hunt)
Tattoo- Open Chest Scars Tattoo – *Merlific* (Free -13th Nightmare Grid Wide Hunt)
Hair- Unusual – Little Bones (New @ C88)
Top-Trick-or-Treat – Black Moon
Pants- Pumpkin Jeans- The Little Bat
Shoes-Crank Platform- Third Eye
Septum- Septum 2.0 [7891] Necklace- Bat Tears Necklace – Insanity’s Own (@ Ghoul Fest)

Skin- Halloween Skin (Female) – Fierce (old hunt gift)
Eyes- Obscura Eyes (Halloween Eyes) – *InkHeart* (Free -13th Nightmare Grid Wide Hunt)
Hair- Selena – ^.^ Ayashi ^.^ (Free Gift @ The Seasons Story)
Tattoo- Open Chest Scars Tattoo – *Merlific*      (Free -13th Nightmare Grid Wide Hunt)
Sweater- Helena V-Neck Sweater (Ghosties) – The Secret Store (New @ C88)
Shorts- Lolita Denim Shorts- (Third Eye) – (Free Group Gift)
Tights- Ghost Tights – *Bingo* (Old Store Closed)
Shoes- Coven Zoe Boots – LiVid
Gloves- Coven Witches Fingers- LiVid
Septum- Septum Piercing 2.0 – [7891] Ghost Purse- Ghostie Tote – Lost Junction (Old Hunt Gift)
Pygmy Puff- Ghost – Ohmai (no loger available)
Poses- Focus Poses

Skin-Lady Death – Lumae (Free October Group Gift)
Eyes Obscura Eyes (Halloween Eyes) *InkHeart* (Free -13th Nightmare Grid Wide Hunt)
Hair-Sorcery- Magika (Free Group Gift)
Dress- Blue Cat Dress- Moonstar ( Free @ Moonstar Halloween Hunt)
Dress-Tights- Latex Bones Tights- Bender ( NEW @ Pastel Goth Fair)
Shoes- Orange Dotty Wedges – *CD*   (75L’s @ Falloween Event
Wings- Unseelle Glow Wings- (Dark Mist) – Unselle (Free @ Falloween Hunt)

St. Olaf Stories


Hey everyone, i am back with another posting, im back in the swing of things! Hope you enjoy these looks-

*means care of the creator (in conjunction with this blog)


  • Skin– Medium-Jessi-  {.Essences.}
  • Eyes– Clear Blue-Look Eyes (Big) –  Amacci
  • *Eyeshadow- Intense Eyeshadow 03 (only) – Pink Acid
  • *Lipstick– Pale Pink- Slik Lipstick & Teeth- Pink Acid
  • Earrings– Rope Gold- Hoops- Ryca
  • Hair– Coffee-Thrill Hair – Nikita Fride
  • Dress-Porn Studded Dress-Cold- Gang/Cold
  • Leggings– Gold Metallic Shine- Leggings- (Gold) – League  (Free group joiner gift)
  • Shoes– Studded Wedge-Gold-Black- Whatever  (Old Fifty Five Linden Friday Item)
  • Clutch– Leather Clutch-Nude- 215 Couture
  • *Pose –Well, it depends – .jaH.



  • Skin– Heim 04-Milk- 🙂 BCC
  • Eyes– Clear Blue-Look Eyes (Big) –  Amacci
  • Hair– Cinnamon- Blank- Ink
  • *Lipstick-Nude-Juicy Fruit Lips- Pink Acid
  • *Eyeline & Eyelashes – Pink/White Metallic Eyeliner & Lashes- Pink Acid
  • Sweater– Sweater- Mesh- .::Censored::. (censored hunt 20L’s)
  • Skirt– Let’s Go Skirt- ShuShu- Ruffled- Esteqistal Designs
  • *Tights– Solid Orange Tights- Elate ( no location ATM but contact kellie iwish )
  • Shoes– Shimmer Platform Pumps –Nude- Adore&Abhor
  • *Tote– Coastal Tote-Olive- .:Somnia:.
  • Bow-Gyaru Bow – White – [Glue Ink] (But can be purchased @ [Blah] )
  • *Pose – [Gala] 01- dfo!  (from One Voice Event 2012)
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