We’ve Been Givin One Voice, So Let’s Use It Well.

Hey Guys!!! How are you? I hope really well, Well i want to take sometime, to talk about a super -wonderful event called “One Voice”. It’s support gala phoenix (creator of curio). Which she has had some terrible troubles with a certain creator claiming that Gala stole her designs, Let me first by saying i am 100% in support for Gala, and was chosen to blog the event, I myself am a RL photographer & Designer, so i therefore am in no favor for stolen things. this other creator , who will not be mentioned i believe to be at fault. This event was created to help Gala raise money for her legal fees! i am so very thankful to be chosen to blog this event. I want to you to know Gala, Im in support of you <3 you have been always nice to me and created some great items over my Sl years! Thank You! All the items, featured in this blog, were apart of the one voice event, You can purchase them at the Event! I hope you like these looks i’ve put together, thank you also to the AMAZING AMAZING sl creators & community for standing up for Justice and what is rightfully someone’s work.

Love Always,

Poly Pistachio,

*Indicates Was given to by the creator for the existing event .

Look #1

*Skin:  Jade-Tan- Lara Hurley- (One Voice Exclusive Item)

Eyes: Karin- H20-  Gasqhe

*Lipstick: Amira Gloss 5 – Censored (One Voice Exclusive Item)

*Hair: Charlize – Mina (One Voice Exclusive Item)

*Top: One Voice Tank Top- Mon Cheri  (One Voice Exclusive Item)

*Pants: Whashed Skinny Jeans – carisma inc

*Shoes: Blush Pumps – Milady -( One Voice Exclusive Item)

*Pose: Creative Portraits No 5 – Bent (One Voice Exclusive Item)


*Skin:  Georgie-Al Vulo-(One Voice Exclusive Items)

*Eyes: Karin- H20-  Gasqhe

*Hair: Butterfly – Reika- Hinako Hair (Tinted with the lace)

*Top: Off Shoulder Top- Thaila’s Fashions (One Voice Exclusive Item)

*Shorts: Shorts Pink 001 – chandelle – (One Voice Exclusive  Item)

*Pumps: Summer Pumps-Orange – Amarelo Manga (One Voice Exclusive Item)

*Earrings: Aster- Earrings- Metal Stones – ME- (One Voice Exclusive Items)

*Glasses: Avenue Glasses- Amarelo Manga (One Voice Exclusive Item)

*Pose: Gala 005 – DFO (One Voice Exclusive Items)

*Hair: Roro-Sunflower- Hinako Hair Shop

Skin: Air Head-CURIO!!!! – GP- (Old Truth Distinct Gift)

*Eyeliner: Eyeliner 1- Censored (One Voice Exclusive Item)

*Dress: Leah- BareRose (One Voice Exclusive Item)

Necklace & Earrings:  Bijou Mancala Earrings & Necklace – !SSD ( One Voice Exclusive Item)

Shoes:  Basic Flats- Black Friday

*Pose: Gala 003 – DFO (One Voice Exclusive Item)


*Skin: Jayda Skin- AV!SAGE- (One Voice Exclusive Item)

Hair: Cinnamon-Lamb-

*Dress:Dotty Dress Pinklow- American Bazaar- (One Voice Exclusive Item)

Tights: Sunny- Elate (no longer available!)

Shoes: flat shoes- Raddish (Old Freebie)

*Pose-Creavitve Portraits No 2 -Bent- (One Voice Exclusive Item)

Hinako Hair Shop!



Hey again, guys i know its another post so fast! Recently i’ve been really focusing on different brands and such, i came across Hinako, its a very cute japanese Hair shop. They were at the star festival, which made me check out the shop, the creator is a very friendly and sweet person. I got the chance to blog all her new styles, as you can see lots to choose from and it comes in different tones. I really really like hair ribbons, and updos, and the sunflower one is possibly my favorite! I hope you can come check it out!!  

slurl to hinako : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sandstorm/88/70/1502

Blog: http://coiffuredehinako.blogspot.com/ 

(styles * names are show in the picture) *all items were blogged under conjunction with the creator Hinako Resident <3


Hope you all enjoy,

love Poly

Let’s 4th of July it, Grab George, Abe, Jefferson, and all those cats, for the party.

Hey guys! Happy 4th OF JULY! (well almost) it is fast approaching! I have so much fun with this kinda of stuff (I LOVE HOLIDAYS!) what are your plans for 4th of july? Mine : Repair some George washington lamps i purchased at a yard sale. I wanted to show you that this blog loves AMERICA! So i bring you different mixing & matching of fun items ive found. I hope that whatever you do on the 4th , weather it be a cookout or fireworks you stay cool & safe!

Looks From Left-To-Right!

Skin:  Selene – Aeva (Free Group Gift- Introducing new line from AEVA)

*Eyes- Karin-Gasqhe

Hair: Amanda-Firered- CaTwA (New!)

Nails: American Nail – *Pulcinio* (Free)

Shirt: Sweet’art Tee- b[ELLE]issima (Old Gift)

Skirt:  Star Spangled TuTu- (Part of Star Spangled Cutie) – /LK/

pants: Independence Pants- T&C (marketplace)

sneakers:   Sneakz (Part of Star Spangled Cutie) – /LK/

Necklace:   Choker  (Part of Star Spangled Cutie) – /LK/

Look 2

Skin: Star Spangled Cutie- /LK/ – (marketplace)

Hair: Girlfriend in a coma -Restaurant ketchup -Lamb

*Eyes-Karin -Gasqhe

Makeup: Red, White, & Blue Makeup – :.Glamorize:.

Dress: Erica Mesh Dress- :.Glamorize:. – (Marketplace)

Tights: Star (Part of Star Spangled Cutie) /LK/

Shoes- Rita Boots- Patriotic- Vive9

Look 3

Hair:  Gasolina Glamour Hair – YHS- (Group Gift Free)

Skin: Vanessa Blon Skin -Yoon (Group Gift Free)

Eyeshadow: Breezy Blue Eyeshadow- Rozena

Shirt: Usa Tanks- Loovus Dzevavor (Free Subscribo Tank)

Bikini –  4th Of July 2011 -Boom – (Old freebie)

Pants- Independant Jeans – Waffle – (Old Hunt Gift)

Shoes: CoCalor stripe mesh wedges – AV!Sage

Piercing: Flowered Belly Ring – Harsh

Look 4

Hair: Zee – Natural – Lite – Alice Project – Old Gift

*Eyes- Karin Eyes- Gasqhe

Skin: Reena Skin- Panda Punx (Free Group Gift)

Makeup: Americana Make -:.Glamorize:.  (Markeplace $1L)

*Dress: Mesh 4th Of July Wear – ::S U G A R::

Hat: Watercooler Beach Hat USA – Paris Metro Couture (Free 4th of july gift)

Shoes: Millside Flats- Brick- [E] (Old VIP gift)

Look 5

Hair: Jasper B- Silver – HINAKO Hair ( Free Lucky Board)

Skin: Reena Kin- Panda Punx (free Group Gift)

Makeup (Only Lipstick Shown) – Americana Makeup -:.Glamorize:.

*Swimsuit- Nautical Anchor Swim Suit- Red- Sleeping Koala

Skirt:  Blue Mini- *S&C* – (Free)

Shoes: Patriotic Mary Janes- BearWear (Marketplace)

Neko Set: Independence Neko Outfit (2011) – T&C-  Marketplace

Glasses: Kooky 4th Sunglasses -EyeLure (50l’s )

I hope you all have fun

*Items were blogged inconjuction with the creator

Pistachio Poly

Hellified Gangsta’ Lean

Hey guys i know i know, ive been totally slacking on this whole blog thing recently i’m totally sorry! but im back with the lecture at hand (if you can tell me what song that is from, ill send you something special in world). Also, lots of things coming up soon will be Vanity Fair & Hair Fair * (which yours truly will be covering!) But today i wanted to show you some new stuff, i have two awesome brands im working with right now one called Glue Ink (which the creator is one of my good friends and she’s gotten totally awesome at mesh!) so i wanted to share her new skirt, and the other one is from the awesome talented creator behind BEZ! Her new project is called Elixr, plus shes still making things for BEZ!. Lots of cool marketplace findings in the post too. Isn’t it great when you find cool stuff on the marketplace, and you never knew about it!  Also cool ass shit from the PINK Bandaid bee has been hard at work  and it totally shows!! Well,   I hope you enjoy these looks, and i promise not to keep away to long <3.

Much Love.

*Indicates these items were blogged in conjunction with the designer


(ps if you know the song, you can plurk me or you can write a comment below! Good Luck!)


Look 1:

Skin: Abbey-Tan-Vive9

Eyes: Dreamy Eyes-Green Apple-Oceane’s

Hair:  Morgan -Lexington- Vive9

*Makeup: Eyeliner-Punk Princess Eyeliner-Pink Acid

Lipstick: Silk Lipstick-Teeth-Red- ink Acid

Shirt: retro skull-**.:: SeCrEtS ::.** (marketplace)

*Skirt- Colorblock -Crystal – Mesh Pencil Skirt (Glue Ink)

Shoes:: Warthogs Sneakers- SANTO

Earrings: Oversized Studded Cross- [BellBalls]

 Look 2

Skin: Carmel -Shinding- Illusory

Eyes: Dreamy Eyes-Green Apple- Oceane’s

*Lipstick:  Red-Skittles-Pink Acid

Hair: Mary Up Do- MONS

Tattoo: Live & Die  – Su Vida (no longer open)

*Shirt: Love to Death – Elixir

Skirt: Sparkling Sequence- Red-Vive9 (Collab 88)

Shoes:  Women’s Sneaker Boots- DUH!

*Earrings: Razor Earrings- The Pink Bandaid

Piercings: Pekka- (Old Hunt Gift)

Look 3

Skin: Marina skin- tan- Illmatic

Hair: Jess-Cotton Candy – Tameless (Free Group Gift)

Eyes: Dreamy Eyes-Green Apple-Oceane’s

*Eyeshadow: Intense Eyeshadow- 02 – Pink Acid

*Lipstick: Coated Candy Lip Gloss-Tasty Pink- Pink Acid

Shirt: Green Monster–**.:: SeCrEtS ::.* (Market Place)

*Skirt: -HowHoe? -Leopard-Elixir

Shoes: Ribbon Flat Shoes- H+K (Choice 2011 Gift)

Jewelry: Bangles-Skinny Bangles- Sleeoping Koala (The Accessories Hunt)

Headband: My Bunny Headband – Monso (Bombi Event)

Get to the Fair…The World Goth Fair ..SOON!

Hey guys, How are you, sorry it’s been so long since i’ve blogged! I got really sick and couldn’t blog! Today i wanted to show you some items again from the world goth fair (furniture) items! Remember all proceeds go to Sophie Lancaster Foundation! So you better come check it out, (sorry for the crappy photo my computer can’t handle spectacular photos!)


The items are as following:

Sea Witches Throne- Curvasive –

This item is pretty cool, i mean who doesn’t love disney villains! I KNOW i absolutely do, and this is pretty cool to be after that. it’s got female and male poses in it!

the next little plant im standing by (with a plushberry pose- is a small cute store!! PLEASE go visit the creator is super nice <3 they have alot of cute items!)

Plant- Tentacoo-Pant by Moxie – Fun Stuff huh?

The two items im laying on are By Tonya Restraint Works, its got alot of different features with poses, and shape fitting, just alot of cool things you can do and try out.

(Shown are Tonya’s Gothic Arch and Tonya’s Gothic Bench)

The Fountain & Shoulder pet, are other cool little items, just some fun decorative things and well sculpted, i enjoyed trying them out and i think they are fun stuff!

Fountain: Sisters of the Night by Curvasive

Shoulder Pet- Koblod -Curvasive

(the dress im wearing here is from BILO and it is offered @ The World Goth Fair, have you checked out bilo today? LOTS of mesh items!- The dress is called Manal- and its really pretty. I’m wearing truth hair, and lamb hair, and various skins)


I hope you can come check out the world goth fair before it ends it really goes to a great cause <3!


-Peace Love & Pistachios


Tremaine Audley

Hey Guys! How are you? This week is flying by isnt it? Well today i have exciting news : The World Goth Fair opens today! All the proceeds from the fair go to benefit Sophie Lancaster Foundation ! I have been having lots of fun dressing all these cool items, i just love to try new looks and i am totally loving all of this! I hope that you enjoy and please check out the fair, it goes to a good cause and there is something for everyone!

*Indicate That these items were donated to this blog by the creator

Look #1

*Skin: Molly- Plum-!TLB

*Eyes: Mesh Eyes-Violet- *FCD* (World Goth Fair)

Hair:  Halloween Hair Sp Wing- *MiuMin* (old gift)

Makeup:  Mask Makeup (Purple) – +Nuuna+

*Suit: Leowin Gothic Suit – (its for men but i wore it for fun) – AB (Avatar Bizarre) (World Goth Fair)

*Boots- (part of Leowin Goth Suit* -AB (Avatar Bizarre) (World Goth Fair)

*Wings: Violet Wings -*FCD* (World Goth Fair)

*Tail & Ears : Superfluff Neko Ears & Tail – *FCD* (World Goth Fair)

Look #2

Skin:  Charmy-Mariko

Hair: Wicked Hair Style- Curio Obscura

*Eyes: Kawaii Floral Eyes (Green) Shine

Eyeshadow: Black Swan- Pistachio – (never released)

*Lipstick: Silk Lipstick & Teeth- Red- Pink Acid

*Dress- Polly-Red-!TLB (World Goth Fair)

Tighs: 2010 Halloween Spider Web Tights- *GF* (old gift)

*Boots: GothGarou-Testosterone Boots – PT&UA – (World Goth Fair)

*Bat Wings: – Batty Elegance (Blood) – !TLB (World Goth Fair)

#Look Number 3

Skin:  Molly Skin-Blood- !TLB (World Goth Fair)

Hair: Sinful Hair-*DarkerSide* (old gift store closed)

Eyes: Manson Eyes- !TLB (World Goth Fair)

Eyeliner & Bloody Tears:  Valentine’s is for Vendettas- *Tori-Tastic* (Marketplace)

Bloody Tears- Bloody Tears III -Repulse (Marketplace)

Dress:  Tragic-Black- The Muses (World Goth Fair)

Tights:  Skully Leggings- Sheer- Su.Vida (closed)

Shoes: Carnival-Harelquin – [ Moxie ] (World Goth Fair)

Necklace- Vapor- Onyx/Garnet/Black Titanium – HoR (World Goth Fair)

Earrings:  Poisonous Friend Earrings -HoR (World Goth Fair)

Tattoo: Zipper Heart Tattoo (Su.Vida Store Closed)

Look #4

*Skin: Molly-Gloomy- !TLB (World Goth Fair)

*Eyes: Manson Eyes- !TLB (World  Goth Fair)

Hair:  gG 02’12 (Gift) – Red Mint (Old Gift)

*Dress & Hat- Marie Antoinette- AB (Avatar Bizarre) (World Goth Fair)

*Earrings- Trollop Earrings-The Pink Bandaid

::Pistachio:: Katherine’s Kitty Pack


Hey Guys , how are you, not a fashion post today but i wanted to share with you something i’ve created in honor to help save a sick kitty and companion. These items were made to help out Katherine McGinnis of Intrigue & Co with her kitty (you can read her story here www.flickr.com/photos/intrigueco/7140701017/in/photostream) She is awesome and i wanted to come out and support her, If you’d like to purchase these Please im or drop me a notecard to polynesia resident – for 100l’s funds go to Katherine Directly! Thank you & Hope you enjoy!  Please consider donating to Katherine To help also her store Intrigue & CO makes awesome pjs and other fun things! stop on down!



peace love & pistachios


Lennon Bus Tour

Hey Guys! How yar be?! I hope well! I’ve been a busy little bee – as you can see! So much fun stuff coming up for me! (not to mention Goth Fair 2012 WHICH I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED? – arent you?) I have a lot to show you today! ( i suffered the lag for Culture shock! – here are some fun items) …and much more….I hope you really enjoy these looks!

Peace Love, & Pistachios


*Indicates these items were as part of a blogging agreement between the creator and i to feature the items on this blog, but i do it with great pleasure!

#Look 1:

Skin: Rebecca Skin – Ricielle (Love Mommy Hunt-$15L)

Hair: Head Games- Chili- Vive Nine

Eyes: Kawaii Floral- Eyes-Blue- Shine

*Makeup: Lace Masquerade Makeup – Izzie’s (Beauty Fair)

Dress: Viewing Party Kimono – Lethe- (NSA4 Hunt)

Tights: Spring Group Tights- TokiD (Group Gift)

Shoes: Viewing Party Shoes- Lethe (NSA4 Hunt)

Head Piece- Anemone Head Piece – Lagyo (NEW)

 #Look 2

Skin: Miss Aquariaus- Cstar

Hair: Shibari Dreads – Scarlet- *Sari’s* (store Closed 🙁 )

Eyes: Kawaii Floral Eyes-Blue-Shine

*Lipstick: Ice Blue-Silk- Lipstick & Teeth – Pink Acid

*Dress: Mini Dress-Green- Mesh – Shey Oziem –

Tights-Solid Orange Tights- Elate

Bow Necklace: Bow Good Times- Royal Blue (Old Gift)

Shoes: Mesh Wellingtons-Iris – Gos (Free @ Culture Shock)

Earrings- Flower Medallion Earrings- *Amaranthus* (NSA4 Hunt)

 #Look 3

Skin: Nina Doll- [Iren] (old fashion garret)

Hair: Groove Theory -Cranberry-Exile (Culture Shock)

*Eyes: Floral Eyes -Blue -Shine

*Eyelashes: Fiercely Natural Eyelashes Only- Pink Acid

*EyeLiner: Punk Princess Eyeliner- Pink Acid

*Lipstick: Lipstick Stain Splash – Tangerine- Pink Acid

*Glitter: Glitter Eye Makeup – Fireflies- Izzie’s (Beauty Fair)

Dress: Big Panda- *JULYS*- (The Fashion Cache)

Tights:  Solid Blush Tights (opaque) -Elate

Tights: Tights-Stars (Holes) – ((::BLEH::))

Shoes: Alex – Pantent Yellow – *GF* (Free @ Culture Shock)

Bracelets: Black Bracelet -May Soul (Betane Hunt Free)

Head Flowers: Viewing Party Flower Head Piece With Butterfly- Lethe (NSA4 Hunt)

 #Look 4

Skin:  Jadis- Natural- Glam Affair (Old Gift)

Hair: Remember – Dark Pink – Magika (NEW!)

*Eyes: Kawaii Florla Eyes-Blue-Shine

*Glitter Eye Makeup:  Mystic- Izzie’s

*Lipstick & Eyelashes: Eyelashes & Lipstick Stain Splash-Tangerine-Pink Acid

Sweatshirt: Green SweatShirt -Ricielli -Mesh (Old Gift)

Skirt: (Part of a dress) Butterfly Dress- Ezura (NSA4 Hunt)

Tights:Sisley Tights – Calm- Kyoot (Old Colab 88)

Shoes: Gator Sport Clogs- Celery – GOS (Culture Shock)

Bag: Summer Feeling Bag-Brown -Mesh – ::LEO-NT:::

Necklace: The Last Butterfly’s (VIP gift) -:::LEO-NT:::

Headband: Side Headband – TokiD

Look 5

Skin: Vilda -Laq-(Free Old Christmas Gift)

Hair: QQL838 -Red- *BooN

*Eyes: Kawaii Floral Eyes-Blue – Shine

Mask: Mask Makeup Red – +Nuuna+

*Henna: Henna-Red- Chelle (Beauty Fair)

Paint: WarPaint- Blood – ViGo (Beltlane Festival Hunt)

Shiki – SnowBlood- +Blue Blood+ (NSA4 Hunt)

Jewelry: Cougar -FineSmith (May Gift)

Feet Women’s Natural Feet (SLINK)

Girl Talk… Let’s Talk About Beauty



Hey there all you lovely people! It’s been a bit since i’ve blogged! I’ve been working ultra hard this week, and i feel privelaged this week to bring you things from the Beauty Fair!  The Beauty Fair opened today (May 1st) featuring, Chelle, Boom, Pididdle, A.E.Meth, Izzies, TSG, Mons, to just name a few, its alot of great beauty products the awesome desingers have featured here. I was given the awesome responsibility to blog some items.

Chelle – Many of you know this is featured alot on Juicy Bomb – But i really love this henna look its fun and interesting!

Izzie’s- ive never actually tried anything from Izzies and was a great way to branch out for me. They look so realistic and the lips are ultra cool. The shimmery glittery eyeshadow is pretty awesome! – WHO DOESNT LOVE GLITTER?! I know i do!

Pididdle, i’ve been a fan of this store a long time it’s pretty great to see it grow, and these nails are to cool> what i enjoy is that the nails are very trendy now because it’s got alot of Real Life inspiration and i enjoy the variety of nail sets that you can purchase, and you can interchange them with a hud!.

A.E Meth- I enjoy cat eyeliners any day of the week! It makes me look sly and i like that (because im often to happy! I like to give a little mysterious look!)

I hope you will get out and check out this great fair, lots of cute items! Please remember to be safe & Happy!


peace , love and pistachios.




Skin (Worn in all Images): Elly- Light Brown – Pink Fuel

(From Left To right)

Izzie’s Glitter Eye Makeup in Smokey & Forrest

Izzie’s Masquerade makeup in Purple & Blue

Henna Tattoo (Red) – Chelle

Cat Eye Liner II – A.E. Meth

Pididdle Manicure- Set 1 , 2 , 3

HuRry! HuRry! GET your bootay to the Fair!

Hi guys! It’s me again, your crazy pistachio friend! i wanted to make another posting about kawaii fair, and how AWESOME it is! You need to hurry Hury Hury! (did i mention Hurry?) …Because it ends this saturday! So you have a day or so to soak up all the fun left in Kawaii Fair! Lots AND Lots of cute stuff!! I hope you all have a fun & safe weekend! Have fun and be safe!

Peace, Love & Pistachios.


(credits after the nuts crack)

.thank you to Kawaii Fair Designers for the hard work & creativity!.

Look #1

Skin: CupidSis- Pale- ::Moddish::

Eyes: Kawaii Floral Eyes-Green- Spalsh! ( Kawaii Fair Item)

Makeup: Punk Acid Princess- Pink Acid

Nails: Taste The Rainbow -Rezlpsa Loc- (old gift item)

Hair: *Runway Perfect Hunt*-A -Dura- (Runway perfect hunt)

Dress: Hummy Dress-Pink – Yulicie (Kawaii Fair Item)

Tights: Owlie Gym Tights- Pull Shapes (Free Marketplace)

Shoes: Kawaii Legwarmers – Motherfunkin (Kawaii Fair)

Headband- Michi Mouse Headband-Pink- ::Michi Yuu:: (Kawaii Fair)

Doughnut – Kawaii Panda Doughnut- FreakyDesign – (Kawaii Fair)

Look #2

Skin: Elly- Pure -(Light Brow)

Eyes: kawaii Floral Eyes-Gree- Splash (Kawaii Fair Item)

Lipstick:  pink and sily lipstick & teeth – purple – Pink Acid

Eyeshadow/Eyeliner: Punk Acid-Punk Princess-Eyeliner & EyeLashes – Pink Acid

Hair- Ages – Honey Blond- +Hs+ – (old CDTH hunt)

Shirt: Mesh Tank – Pink- ::Michi YuU::- ( Kawaii Fair)

Shorts: Basic Short Jeans- ::Michi YuU: – (Kawaii Fair)

Sandals: Coliseo Sandals- ::DeeR:: -(Kawaii Fair)

Bag: Ladybugs Satchel Bag- Shine (Kawaii Fair)

Headband: Miri Bear Hair Band- [SF]

Look #3

Skin: Jazmin Skin – PurpleNJ – Envyme (kawaii fair)

Eyes: Kawaii Floral Eyes- Green- Splash (Kawaii Fair)

Hair: Trish Hair- Gingerbread- Wasabi Pills

Dress: Happy Onion -Aris Aris- (Kawaii Fair)

Tights: Sky Opaque Tights – Elate

Boots: Rain -Puppy-Purple-Boots – Nous  Vuous -(Kawaii Fair Item)

Necklace: Fluffy Star- Shine – (Kawaii Fair)

Tounge Attachement:  Tower Icecream Tounge- Razzberry

Earrings: Itty Bitty Piggy earrings – Hollyweird

Scarf: Pink Poptart Scarf- RottenDefiance- (Kawaii Fair)

Look #4

Skin: Anne Blue Skin- NousVous – (Kawaii fair)

Eyes: Kawaii Floral Eyes- Green-Splash (Kawaii Fair)

Hair: Teeloh – Wasabi Pills- (Free -Fantasy Fair)

Shirt: I’m Sweet Tee, Full- 1 Hundred (Kawaii Fair)

Undershirt:  Heatwave Top -Spearmint- 1 Hundred (Kawaii Fair)

Leggings: Grunge Cupcake Leggings-Pink- Orsini (Kawaii Fair Item)

Shoes: Sneaker Boots – Blue – Energie (Free!)

Bow: Ladybug Bow- Lush Limited – (Kawaii Fair)

Earphones: Ladybug Headphones- *ARISARIS* (Kawaii Fair)

Earrings: PinkY SkullZ – HollyWeird (Kawaii Fair)

Necklace: Shroomee Necklace- HollyWeird – (Kawaii Fair)

Tattoo: Kawaii 3 – Endless Pain (Kawaii Fair)

Sock Puppets: -Sock Puppets – Kitty- *CuteBytes*

Look #5

Skin: Lene- Mother Goose (Free Lucky Board)

Eyes: Kawaii Floral Eyes -Splash-(Kawaii Fair)

Lipstick: Ice Cream Lip Gloss – Pink/Purple-Pink Acid

Eyeshadow: Liquid Glaze-Purple – *Boom*

Hair: Anarin- .Ploom. – Pony Pack-

Dress: Maika Dress-Green-Mayden Couture- (Kawaii Fair)

Tights: Solid Sunny Tights-Elate-

Shoes: Bunny Skates- Surprise!- Candy Stripes (Free Easter Gift)

Tattoo: Kawaii Fair 2- Endless Pain Tattoo- (Kawaii Fair)

Cactus: Crush Cactus Planter- W.Winx – (Free)

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