Turkey Travelin Time





Happy Weekend everyone! Fabulous new everything is coming into play in life again! I am lucky this weekend! I wanted to share with you the last of my decor posts for Thanksgiving! Please make sure that you check out these great gifts, and hunts before thanksgiving is over <3!




Sky box – Simple White Chalk Sky box- Silent Woods ($1L on the Marketplace)

Bed- Blue Rustic Memories Bed –:.EARTHWORX.: (Now @ Twe12ve )
Bench- Memories Bench- The Artist Shed (Now @ Twe12ve )
Thanksgiving Table- CHATEAU DINING SET 2 or 4 – X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS (Free X-Clusive Hunt find the turkey filled with the gifts)
Chair- Royal Heritage Monarch’s Armchair (dark olive) –StoraxTree ($1L Chasin the Gobbler Hunt)
Table- Autumn Gords Table-StoraxTree ($2L Antique Quest Hunt)
Bike- H & C wheeler’s Gobbler- H & C Wheels ($1L Chasin the Gobbler Hunt)
Table- Thanksgiving Blackboard Art Table Set- Zen Creations ($5L on the marketplace)

Give Thanks (frame & pumpkins) – Chez Moi
Thanksgiving ChalkboardLa Biche  (Free Gift @ The Gacha Garden make sure you join the group to get gift)
Happy Thanksgiving Day Sign – Christmas Fair($1L The Bird and the Bones Hunt)
Autumn Candles- Christmas Fair ($1L Turkey Shootin Hunt)
Steven Jobbles (Turkey) – B&R ($1L Chasin the Gobbler Hunt)
Sign- Memories in Love – Myth (Now @ Twe12ve )
Combo Daisy Pallet- Cute as F*ck – ($1L Four Seasons Hunt)


white as snow


Theres nothing I like more than a quiet night in second life exploring sims. I love spending time alone- to clear my head. With everything going on recently it was good to take tonight to just blog and draw in PS. I really enjoy just quiet scenes in second life.

Skin- Catherine (cold cheeks) – Pink Acid
Eyelinds – Slink-
Lipstick – Fall Run Way Lipstick #02 – AlaskaMetro
Hair- Truth (New)
Sweater Dress- Sabotage (Now @ Sad November)

1…2.. Poly’s commin for you… 3…4..better lock the door….


Skin- Dionne – (lumiere) – Alterego (part of Spookzilla 2016 Hunt $25L’s for non VIPS but free for VIPS)
Eyes- Karma (goth eyes) – *Inkheart* (Free *Ink Heart* Halloween Hunt)
Lipstick-Mage Lipstick #4- !Alaska Metro
Hair- Tsuki -/Wasabi Pills/ (Free-Halloween Gift- Join Subscribo For Gift)
Bodysuit- Bishes Halloween Gift- Bishes (part of Spookzilla 2016 Hunt)
Shoes- Ombre Heels- IMaGE Factory (part of Spookzilla 2016 Hunt)
Piercing- Pumpkin Septum Piercing- !NFINITY – (part of Spookzilla 2016 Hunt $25L’s)
Necklace- C.Ment (Free Group Gift @ SaNaRae)

Balloon- AMITOMO (Free Group Gift @ SaNaRae)


Look #2
Skin- Lulu (lumiere) –Alterego (part of Spookzilla 2016 Hunt $25L’s for non VIPS but free for VIPS)
Eyes- Karma (goth eyes) – *Inkheart* (Free *Ink Heart* Halloween Hunt)
Lipstick- Tuti Fruti #4 – Alaskametro (Now @ Candy Fair)
Hair- Bass – Lock & Tuff (Free Group Gift @ SaNaRae)
Jacket- Halloween Baseball Jacket- miwa’s airship(Free Group Gift @ SaNaRae)
Body Suit Skelly Suit- (ACID) –!Alaskametro- (part of Spookzilla 2016 Hunt 25L’s)
Shoes-Halloween Heel – *Bishes* – (part of Spookzilla 2016 Hunt 25L’s)
Face Blood- Hand of Orthanc – #Adored (part of Spookzilla 2016 Hunt 25L’s)
Ghost Tattoo- Ghosty Bainded Face- TWC (Free Group Gift @ SaNaRae)
Bruises Tattoo- Bruise Knee (Red) – ***Urban Street***(Free Group Gift @ SaNaRae)
Earrings- Cross Earrings- Yokai (Free Group Gift @ SaNaRae)
Septum- Batty Septum Piercing – !NFINITY – (part of Spookzilla 2016 Hunt $25L’s)
Headband- Halloween Headband- Hiemal-(Free Group Gift @ SaNaRae)
Necklace- Poison Necklace- The Little Bat


Look 3
Skin- tayrn (lomo)- Alterego (part of Spookzilla 2016 Hunt $25L’s for non VIPS but free for VIPS)
Eyes- Redrum eyes-!NFINITY – (part of Spookzilla 2016 Hunt $25L’s)
Hair- Blown Away – Posh (closed)
Nails- Spiderweb Nails- Nanika Store (Free Group Gift @ SaNaRae)
Dress- Tabitha Dress- The Little Bat- (Now @ Trick or Treat Lane)
Leggings- Candy Corn Leggings –!Alaskametro
(Now @ Candy Fair)
Shoes- Creature Platforms- Garbaggio (Free Group Gift @ SaNaRae)
Earrings- Creepy Eye Earrings- ~*Buglets*~(Free @ Trunk or Treat)
Headband- Kitty Kat Outfit Headband – {Buttercup} – (Free @ Trunk or Treat)
Hands- Zombie Hands- .{PSYCHO:Byts} (Now @ Blood Horror Fest)
BackPack- * Pink Pumpkins Backpack (RARE) (Gacha) –Les Sucreries de Fairy (Now @ SaNaRae)
Monster (In Mouth) -Little Monster (purple Pumpkins) (Gacha) –Les Sucreries de Fairy (Now @ SaNaRae)
Little Witch- Pink Witch Companion – (Gacha) –Les Sucreries de Fairy (Now @ SaNaRae)



all poses -NO-WOW-



Tricks or Treats….




Greetings! As you can see , I am not over Halloween! I have more to show you. I found out today about a few great events! You need to check out the Trunk or Treat Event. Its mostly for SL kids (but there is a lot of cute stuff there!). Make sure you also check out Trick or Treat Lane! Lots of fun Halloween gifts to be had by all! Make sure you check these things out before they are gone!

Look 1
Skin-Skin- Gemma – (old gacha) – Honey– The Skinnery
Eyes- Goths (blood eyes) – = *InkHeart*(Free Ink Heart Halloween Hunt)
Hair- Amy (bloody purple) – Alice Project (Old Hunt Gift)
(Body/ Mouth/ Spine Attachment) –Gluttonous Orifice (Now @ Bloody Horror Fest)
Shoes- Demon Tips – Vengeful Threads
Scar Tattoo- Open Chest Scar (with pasties)- ..:: Merlific ::..
Tattoo (On Forehead) – Lost Star Wound- Cubic Cherry
Blood Tears- Bloody Tears – Repulse
Necklace- Spike Collar- Schadenfreude (Free Gift @ The Nightmare Event)
Headband- Cats N Spring – {RAWR} MUFFINZ*(Free @ Trick or Treat Lane)

Look 2
Skin- Zoey – (Bare Face) – Honey– The Skinnery
Eyes- Veruska Eyes – Goths – ( Emerald ) = *InkHeart*(Free Ink Heart Halloween Hunt)
Nails- Koffin Nails- *Dark Passions*
Nose Bleed- Nose Bleed- The Horror (free Gift @ The Nightmare Event)
Hair- Handy Hair – (Beauty Ghoul) – – Nani (Now @ Epiphany)
Dress- Sophia (Pumpkin in Gray) – :Crom: (5L Crom Halloween Hunt)
Shirt (underneath dress) – Supernatural(Free @ Trick or Treat Lane)
Socks- Batty Socks – :::Pistachio::: (made by me old old old)
Bracelet- Skully Bracelet- The Little Bat (Free @ Trick or Treat Lane)
Shoes- GLS (edition) – ~Black Arts~ (Free @ Trick orTreat Lane)
Necklace (1) – Bolt Necklace – Zombie Suicide (Free @ Trick or Treat Lane)
Necklace (2) – Spider Necklace- .HollyWeird. (Free @ Trick orTreat Lane)
Ring- Silver Skeleton ring – Purple Moon Creations – (Free @ Trick orTreat Lane)
Horns- Supernatural(Free @ Trick orTreat Lane)
Glasses- Batty Glasses- Cute Poison – (Free @ Trick or Treat Lane)
Treat Bucket- Schadenfreude Treat Bucket, 2016 – Schadenfreude (free- a Halloween MUST GET!)


    Look 3

Skin- Zoey – (Bare Face) – Honey– The Skinnery
Eyes- Veruska Eyes – Goths – ( Emerald ) = *InkHeart*(Free Ink Heart Halloween Hunt)
Makeup- TWH black- VileCult (Now @ Salem)
Hair- Batty Girl (Beauty Ghoul) (Rare Gacha) – Nani (Now @ Epiphany)
Nails- Koffin Nails- *Dark Passions*
Sweater-Monster Mouth Pullover- {Ichigo} (Free Now @ Trunk or Treat)
Skirt-*HW-black+red*- YOMESHOUJO ( Free @ Panic of the Pumpkin in Okinawa)
Balloon- Boo-Balloon – Little Lama (Free Now @ Trunk or Treat)

Is it over yet?





Skin- Anya *Sun kissed* – Izzies
Hands/Feet- Slink
Eye Lids- Slink
Hair- Neena – Blues (New @ Whimsical)
Top- Dream Crop Top – Luas
Bottoms- Neve Bikini (Bottoms) Miss Chelsea ( Group Gift @ FaMeshed)
Headband- Ruboo+Headband (Snow) Gacha – { V I N C U E } & Kibitz (New @ Whimsical)
Necklace-Eternity Choker- *Izzies*
Bracelet- Two Moons Bracelet – Spell (Free Gift @ Chapter 4)
Earrings- Number Earrings {amiable}  (Free Gift @ Chapter 4)
Glasses- Everywheres Sunglasses -(White) – Black Bantam

Love Can Build A Bridge




Skin- Anya *Sunkissed* – Izzies
Body- Lara- Maitreya
Hands/Feet- Slink
Hair- Macaron- +Spellbound+ (NEW @ Whimsical)
Crown- Clytie (Floral Crown Gacha) – Madpea (Now available @ Gacha Garden)
Shirt- Tie Dye Pastel – Moon Elixir (NEW @ Whimsical)
Pants- Alicia Flair Pants (black) – Addams – ( Now Available @ Collab 88)
Earrings- Teardrop Shell (Pearl) – Maxi Gossamer ( Group Gift @ FaMeshed )
Choker- Bloom Choker (Red)(gacha)- Attic (NEW @ Whimsical)
Necklace- Birdie Gacha (#2) – Ersch (NEW @ Whimsical)
Sunglasses- Sunglasses – (Silver) – Kitja ( Group Gift @ FaMeshed )
Guitar- Guitar Flower Purple- Ninety (NEW @ Whimsical)
Poses- Elephante

Sail Into The Sun


Skin- Anya (rosy) – Izzie’s
Freckles (Part of Anya Skin) – Izzie’s
Eyeshadow- Eyeshadow Blue – Izzie’s
Eyes- Sky-(hades eyes) – *InkHeart*
Hair- D530 – Tram
Dress- Hand Me Down of Mom – Mikunch ( Now Available @ Chapter 4)
Balloons- Valentines Day Balloons – LoveSoul
Butterflies- flying butterflies – Perfsona
Pose- Label Motion (Halloween pose without prop)



Skin- Echo (rose) – Loux
Eyes-Memories-(hades eyes collection) *InkHeart*
Eyeliner- Obsession – Moon
Hair- On Edge (Unicorn Pack) – Clawtooth (Free @ Main Store)
Shirt- Basic Tshirt – Offbeat (New @ Chapter 4)
Necklace- Ceinlys Necklace – Ollies Follies (New @ Dark Side Event)
Septum- Septum piercing 3.0 (7891) – (store closed)
Bag- Lip Bag 04 (from the Too Excited Before the First Date Gatcha) – Amiable (New @ Chapter 4)




I am so sorry that it has been forever! I have been incredibly busy with finals. Today I am writing about a new event coming. I am so excited to be apart of it. Depraved Nation is putting on the event.  I’m so excited! I am giving you a small preview of a pretty dress here. I am in love with the idea of winter.  Although my city is missing snow! I hope you come to FROST!

Skin- V 2.1 (Bronze Skin) – AlaskaMetro
Eyes-Stargazer Eyes- Amacci(Free @ Kitty Kat’s Advent Calendar)
Eye shadow- Creamy (Gold) – AlaskaMetro
Lipstick- Evelyn (Petal) Lipstick –AlaskaMetro
Hair-Simon (female) – Amacci (Free @ Kitty Kat’s Advent Calendar)
Dress-Frosted Evening Gown – :DM Designs: (Coming soon to FROST)

Cosmetics Fair – Uh Huh Honey


Hi Everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I am here to tell you jut a few more days to check out “Cosmetics Fair”! It’s a rainbow edition this round! You should check that out, because its full of wonderful designers and beautiful makeups and hair. There are many other accessories that you will be able to purchase such as mesh heads and eyes. I hope that you check out costmetics fair

(Row 1-3)
Eyes- Cat Eyes “Rainbow” –Arise (New @ Cosmetics Fair)
Face Jewels- Mons(New @ Cosmetics Fair)
Hair- Eden – Lovey Dovey(New @ Cosmetics Fair)

(Row 2-3)
Lipstick – Chelsea {001} – Nova (New @ Cosmetics Fair)
Nails- Oil Slicked Nails- Adored (New @ Cosmetics Fair)
Face Jewels- Elysium(New @ Cosmetics Fair)

(Row 3-3)
Mesh Head- Julia Mesh Head- Milan (New @ Cosmetics Fair)
Face Jewels- Foxy Face (New @ Cosmetics Fair)
Lipstick & Face Highlighter- Nox(New @ Cosmetics Fair)

(Row 4-4)
Glittery Eyeshadow- Veechi (New @ Cosmetics Fair)
Eyebrows- Lena Hand Painted Eyebrows –Bossie (New @ Cosmetics Fair)
Hair- Ariana – Bold & Beauty (New @ Cosmetics Fair)