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Do the Funky Turkey!



As this year is coming to a close soon. I was thinking about what Ive been most thankful in Second Life. The Best thing is that there are wonderful creators out there who share their creations with us! I am so thankful for those people. I am thankful for all my friends and family! Most of all I’m thankful for God; who gives me love every day <3



-Look 1-
Skin-Cassie soleil – Alterego (old group gift)
Eyes-Hades Eyes- *Ink Heart*
Makeup-Fall Runway eyeshadow Makeup- !Alaska Metro
Lipstick- Dusty Plum (overly done lipstick) – *pink acid*
Nails- Turkey Day- Nail It Good ($1L Bird and the Bones Hunt)
Hair- Polly Hair (reds) – Imeka (Now @ Gacha Garden)
Shirt- Ladies Shirt- Blade & Rain – ($1L hunt at the store)
Skirt- Ragdoll Skirt – ($1L Bird and the Bones Hunt)
Shoes- Delinda Autumn- Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes- ($1L Chasin the Globber Hunt)


-Look 2-
Skin- Dionne-(lumiere)- Alterego (old group gift)
Eyes–Hades Eyes- *Ink Heart*
Makeup – Fall Runway Makeup – !Alaska Metro
Lipstick- Fall Runway Makeup- !Alaska Metro
Hair- Mimosa- (dark reds gacha)- Analog Dog (Now @ Whimsical)
Sweatshirt- Men’s Thanksgiving Sweatshirt – Perfect Seduction ($5L right at the event board information)
Pants- Thanksgiving Pants – K Creations($1L Crazy November Hunt)
Shoes- Gelsey (Autumn) – Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes- ($1L)

-Look 3-
Skin-Dionne-(lumiere)- Alterego (old group gift)
Eyes–Hades Eyes- *Ink Heart*
Hair-Ivy Hair – Vive9
Makeup – Fall Runway Makeup – !Alaska Metro
Lipstick- Fall Runway Makeup- !Alaska Metro
Nails- Stuff The Bird – Nail It Good (old Hunt Gift)
Dress- Thanks Giving Dress- Perfect Seduction ($5L right at the event board information)
Shoes- Fannie Heels – Ricielli ($15L Halloween Hunt- Hurry don’t know how long it will be there)
Necklace- Vintage Turkey Pendant- Gachapon – (old hunt gift)
Earrings- Kitty Earrings- Doe(Free Gift when you join the Gacha Garden Group)


I’m the Official Turkey Tester






Things haven’t quite settled down here yet! I am facing some tough times in Real Life. That just doesn’t stop me from doing my thing in second life. I have been doing a lot of turkey themed hunts! There are about three or four out there (most are 1L -10L or Free). There are some great gifts out there! Make sure you check them out to spruce up your home for the holidays next week!


Sky box – Simple White Chalk Sky box- Silent Woods ($1L on the Marketplace)

Couch- French Provincial Sofia – Hanta ~ (Antique Grid Show Hunt $10Ls)
Book Cases (with books included)- Antique Ceruse bookcase- MaMia Antiques ~ (Antique Grid Show Hunt $10Ls)
Side Table (left) – Give Thanks Table (w/plant) – (old hunt gift)
Chaise Lounge- Vintage Touch Jadite Mandala – The Vintage Touch (Group Gift Join is $1L)
Side table (right) – Part of the Bookcases (it comes with table , book case and chair) – MaMia Antiques ~ (Antique Grid Show Hunt $10Ls)
Accent Table (right) Thanksgiving accent table- An Lema Red Willow ~ ($1L Chasin The Gobbler Hunt)
Fireplace (with photos, flowers, pumpkins)- Autumn Fireplace- {NS}(Antique Grid Show Hunt $10Ls)
Stump Table- Natural Bliss Round Decor Table- StoraxTree- (The Jerky Turkey Hunt)
Chair- Antique Ceruse bookcase-(included in the entire gift) MaMia Antiques ~ (Antique Grid Show Hunt $10Ls)

Make a Wish Sign- The Artist Shed- ($1L Bird and the Bones Hunt)
Leg Lamp- Red Willow ~ (Free Gift)
Turkey Boxes Stack – Imagine Flowers & Gardens- (1L Turkey Shootin Hunt Gift)
Turkey -topiaries- The Artist Shed- (old Hunt gift via 2015)
Autumn Topiary Trio- The Artist Shed- ($1L Turkey Shootin Hunt Gift)
Pumpkin Stacks- Bondage Pumpkins- The Artist Shed- (past event item)
Cornucopia Centerpiece – Prim Pile Creations ~ ($1L Crazy November Hunt)
Flowers -(part of the Bookcases Item) MaMia Antiques ~ (Antique Grid Show Hunt $10Ls)
Books-(part of the Bookcases item) MaMia Antiques ~ (Antique Grid Show Hunt $10Ls)
Thanksgiving Sign Board- Season of Wonders ~ ($1L Turkey Shootin Hunt Gift)
Prim Pile Creations – Prim Pile Creations ~ ($1L Bird and the Bones Hunt)
Grandfather Clock- ~Myth   (Now @ Twe12ve )
Making Memories- Sign –~Myth (Now @ Twe12ve )

white as snow


Theres nothing I like more than a quiet night in second life exploring sims. I love spending time alone- to clear my head. With everything going on recently it was good to take tonight to just blog and draw in PS. I really enjoy just quiet scenes in second life.

Skin- Catherine (cold cheeks) – Pink Acid
Eyelinds – Slink-
Lipstick – Fall Run Way Lipstick #02 – AlaskaMetro
Hair- Truth (New)
Sweater Dress- Sabotage (Now @ Sad November)

One Last Halloween Party.







Hey everyone I’m sorry that this late. I’ve really wanted to get this up before Halloween. Ive had alot of bad events going on in RL. I lost my job on friday. So I’m just trying to clear my mind and blog the last of the Halloween stuff.


Skybox- Halloween Box – reldesign (old hunt gift)
fireplace – ghostly fire place – DeBaza (past hunt gift)
Star Lights- 2 Swags with stars & central Star – Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Design (past hunt gift)
Cauldrons (by fireplace) – Yokai – (now at Sanare)
Treat Bucket (animated) – Krescendo (was a gift)
candles- TGD (haunted candles) – TGD
cat frame- Ohagai – (past hunt gift)
Dragon (holding pumpkin) – Dragon Lantern – Dragon Magic Wares (old hunt gift)
Statue- MUERTE deco4 –SYS (Halloween gift @ SaNaRae )
Boo (word sign) – Myst3rious M3sh (old hunt gift)
Statue- Demon Zombie- (past hunt gift)
Monster chair- Krescendo (Now @ SaNaRae )
Coffee Table- (gacha)- YOKAI (Now @ SaNaRae )
Potion with tentacles (gacha) – YOKAI (Now @ SaNaRae )
Potion – Violet- (gacha) – YOKAI(Now @ SaNaRae )
Spellbook- (gacha)- YOKAI-(Now @ SaNaRae )
Flying Eyes-(gacha) – YOKAI(Now @ SaNaRae )
Candle- (gacha) – YOKAI(Now @ SaNaRae )
Potion Bottle – (red) – gacha- YOKAI (Now @ SaNaRae )
Table & Chair- FAC – (past hunt gift)
Pumpkins- Flecha Creations -(past hunt gift)
Halloween Sign- SW (past hunt gift)
Pillows (all three) – VIBES –
Trick or Treat Gravestone- Storaxtree(past hunt gift)
Killer Homage Shelves- Whimsical Happenings-
Trick or Treat Pumpkins (white & Orange) – Evolving pixels– (old hunt gift)
Kid Ghost- Alagent (old hunt gift)
Hanging Lamps -Nyborg Lamps- ELYSIUM (past hunt gift)
Picnic Table- Blaide & Rain (past hunt gift)
Cupcake Plate- RSW (free past hunt gift)
Cookie Plate- Free Bird(past gift)
Balloons- (cluster)
Baloons (2)- Dilly Dolls
Food (eye pops + monster cupcakes) –Dilly Dolls
Animated Pumpkin – MTD (past hunt gift)
Spider Lights- Vibes- (Now @ SaNaRae )
The Horticulturists Horror II 1/2 – The Artist Shed (past hunt gift)
Shelf – (gacha) – YOKAI (Now @ SaNaRae )
Creey Eye Ball Jar- ~AB Creations~ (past hunt gift)

Tricks or Treats….




Greetings! As you can see , I am not over Halloween! I have more to show you. I found out today about a few great events! You need to check out the Trunk or Treat Event. Its mostly for SL kids (but there is a lot of cute stuff there!). Make sure you also check out Trick or Treat Lane! Lots of fun Halloween gifts to be had by all! Make sure you check these things out before they are gone!

Look 1
Skin-Skin- Gemma – (old gacha) – Honey– The Skinnery
Eyes- Goths (blood eyes) – = *InkHeart*(Free Ink Heart Halloween Hunt)
Hair- Amy (bloody purple) – Alice Project (Old Hunt Gift)
(Body/ Mouth/ Spine Attachment) –Gluttonous Orifice (Now @ Bloody Horror Fest)
Shoes- Demon Tips – Vengeful Threads
Scar Tattoo- Open Chest Scar (with pasties)- ..:: Merlific ::..
Tattoo (On Forehead) – Lost Star Wound- Cubic Cherry
Blood Tears- Bloody Tears – Repulse
Necklace- Spike Collar- Schadenfreude (Free Gift @ The Nightmare Event)
Headband- Cats N Spring – {RAWR} MUFFINZ*(Free @ Trick or Treat Lane)

Look 2
Skin- Zoey – (Bare Face) – Honey– The Skinnery
Eyes- Veruska Eyes – Goths – ( Emerald ) = *InkHeart*(Free Ink Heart Halloween Hunt)
Nails- Koffin Nails- *Dark Passions*
Nose Bleed- Nose Bleed- The Horror (free Gift @ The Nightmare Event)
Hair- Handy Hair – (Beauty Ghoul) – – Nani (Now @ Epiphany)
Dress- Sophia (Pumpkin in Gray) – :Crom: (5L Crom Halloween Hunt)
Shirt (underneath dress) – Supernatural(Free @ Trick or Treat Lane)
Socks- Batty Socks – :::Pistachio::: (made by me old old old)
Bracelet- Skully Bracelet- The Little Bat (Free @ Trick or Treat Lane)
Shoes- GLS (edition) – ~Black Arts~ (Free @ Trick orTreat Lane)
Necklace (1) – Bolt Necklace – Zombie Suicide (Free @ Trick or Treat Lane)
Necklace (2) – Spider Necklace- .HollyWeird. (Free @ Trick orTreat Lane)
Ring- Silver Skeleton ring – Purple Moon Creations – (Free @ Trick orTreat Lane)
Horns- Supernatural(Free @ Trick orTreat Lane)
Glasses- Batty Glasses- Cute Poison – (Free @ Trick or Treat Lane)
Treat Bucket- Schadenfreude Treat Bucket, 2016 – Schadenfreude (free- a Halloween MUST GET!)


    Look 3

Skin- Zoey – (Bare Face) – Honey– The Skinnery
Eyes- Veruska Eyes – Goths – ( Emerald ) = *InkHeart*(Free Ink Heart Halloween Hunt)
Makeup- TWH black- VileCult (Now @ Salem)
Hair- Batty Girl (Beauty Ghoul) (Rare Gacha) – Nani (Now @ Epiphany)
Nails- Koffin Nails- *Dark Passions*
Sweater-Monster Mouth Pullover- {Ichigo} (Free Now @ Trunk or Treat)
Skirt-*HW-black+red*- YOMESHOUJO ( Free @ Panic of the Pumpkin in Okinawa)
Balloon- Boo-Balloon – Little Lama (Free Now @ Trunk or Treat)

Digital Wearhouse



Hello all,

I am so sorry that post is very late (from Hair Fair 2016). I was working 50 plus hours this summer and going to school. I decided to do something a little different with my approach this year. All the hair I am wearing is from Mello. Mello is a relativity new comer to the hair game. I was excited to try out the hair! I was inspired by a makeup artist I saw on social media. I hope you like this and enjoy! (sorry again i was so late)


I said I know I know I Know



skin- ALI (pure) – BIRDY  (old VIP group Gift)
Mesh Body- Lara- Maitreya
Hands- Slink
Freckles- Odd Body Freckles- Besom
Lashes- Holiday Edition Lashes- Mai Bilavio
eyes- Zenith (blue) – Amacci
Eyeliner- Obssesion Eyeliner- Moon
Lipstick – Pale Mattes- MJN
hair- Jodye Braids –Unorthodox
hat- (part of Jodye Braids) – Unorthodox
Top- Uma Ribbed Tank- Mai Bilavio (Now @ Kustom 9)
Pants- Katana Ripped Western Blues Pants – ABC (Now @ The Liaison Collaborative)
Shoes- Just magnetized (cream / white) – Balnik
Choker- Bunny Choker- Pink Acid
Necklace-Dope Necklace – [7891] (old store closed)
Earrings- POLY (custom) – [7891] (old store closed)
Septum Ring- [7891] (old store closed)
Pose- Plushberry
Gun (prop)- SOY
Background Prop – RAMA




Monday Happiness




Happy Monday everyone! Sadly my summer vacation is over today! Tomorrow I start school and my internship. I hope you enjoy these beautiful items I am loving. I am currently obsessed with floral fields. I love shooting in them. I do also enjoy pretty sims! I hope that you are having a blessed Monday.

Credits -Below-

Skin-Anya *Sun kissed* – Izzies
Eyes- Fall Eyes (Rain) – *InkHeart*
Eye shadow- Eye shadow Blue –Izzies
Hair- Tin Foiled- Moon (New @ No. 21)
Hands/Feet- Slink
Dress- T shirt (w/ denim flare) – {Amiable} ( New @ No. 21)
Shoes- Buenos Aries- Essence- ( Group Gift @ FaMeshed)
Necklace- Birdie gacha (#07) – Ersch (New @ Whimsical)
Choker- Bloom Choker Daisy- Attic (New @ Whimsical)
Daisy Tears- Bloom Tears (red) – Attic (New @ Whimsical)
Bracelet-Bloom Wrap (gacha) – Attic (New @ Whimsical)
Hair Bow- Blair Bow (rainbow)- Atooly (Free Gift @ The Chapter 4)
Balloon- Smiling Emoji – Since 1975 ( Now available @ Gacha Garden)
Teddy Bear- SL Teddy Bear (Sweet Lies #4) (Gacha) –Sweet Lies ( Now available @ Gacha Garden)
Poses- +::Natural::+ 

Is it over yet?





Skin- Anya *Sun kissed* – Izzies
Hands/Feet- Slink
Eye Lids- Slink
Hair- Neena – Blues (New @ Whimsical)
Top- Dream Crop Top – Luas
Bottoms- Neve Bikini (Bottoms) Miss Chelsea ( Group Gift @ FaMeshed)
Headband- Ruboo+Headband (Snow) Gacha – { V I N C U E } & Kibitz (New @ Whimsical)
Necklace-Eternity Choker- *Izzies*
Bracelet- Two Moons Bracelet – Spell (Free Gift @ Chapter 4)
Earrings- Number Earrings {amiable}  (Free Gift @ Chapter 4)
Glasses- Everywheres Sunglasses -(White) – Black Bantam

The Secret Garden


Hi guys! I know it has been a bit since I have blogged. I have been away due to computer issues. I am here to blog a few new things. I found a few new things from different events I am absolutely loving. Check out the details below!

Head- Mikki Head (#3) (gacha) – The Sugar Garden ( New @ Kawaii Project)
Eyes- Rain Eyes -(Fall)- *Ink Heart*
Hands/Feet- Slink
Hair- Gigi (gacha) – Pr!tty – – (Now Available @ Chapter 4)
Top- Long Tailed {frilled} top-(gacha) – {amiable} (Now Available @ Chapter 4)
Shoes- Lace Up Heel (gacha) – {amiable}(Now Available @ Chapter 4)
Choker- Bow & Trinket – *Pink Acid* ( Free Gift @ Chapter 4)
Necklace- Azhar Necklace- Lagyo ( Free Gift @ Chapter 4)
Earring- Gift Earrings – Zoom (Free Gift @  @ Chapter 4)
Bracelet- Flower Bracelet – Azoury(Free Gift @ Chapter 4)
Pose- Tea Soup

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