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Hello Everyone! ( I know its been along time since I’ve Blogged)  I just wanted to let you all know that there will be office hours on Thursday July 7th 2015. It is from 1 PM – 5 PM SLT.  Myself and Monica have made ourselves available to be moderates and sources of information for anyone interested in talking blogging.


So you are probably wanting to know what the Blogger Office Hours is?

Blogger office hours, is a space where bloggers can come together and discuss blogging. It is a creative idea to have a space to learn about marketing, failures, tips, tricks and much more!

so …  below

1. Visit here and sign up on the subscribo, so you can be informed on when the next office hours will be held.

2. Promote this initiative on your social media, so that more bloggers are aware of what is happening. (PLEASE!!)

3. Fill out this survey so that I have an idea on what is on your mind the most when it comes to blogging. Also, I would like to know which 4 hour block would be more beneficial to getting bloggers to come out. No one is expected to stay the whole time – it’s just like regular office hours where you come, take care of business, and then go about your day (or evening). (if you want more information COME!)

4. Come join us during office hours!


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