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I am so sorry that it has been forever! I have been incredibly busy with finals. Today I am writing about a new event coming. I am so excited to be apart of it. Depraved Nation is putting on the event.  I’m so excited! I am giving you a small preview of a pretty dress here. I am in love with the idea of winter.  Although my city is missing snow! I hope you come to FROST!

Skin- V 2.1 (Bronze Skin) – AlaskaMetro
Eyes-Stargazer Eyes- Amacci(Free @ Kitty Kat’s Advent Calendar)
Eye shadow- Creamy (Gold) – AlaskaMetro
Lipstick- Evelyn (Petal) Lipstick –AlaskaMetro
Hair-Simon (female) – Amacci (Free @ Kitty Kat’s Advent Calendar)
Dress-Frosted Evening Gown – :DM Designs: (Coming soon to FROST)

The Christmas Expo- Coming Soon!



Hi everyone! I am so happy to be writing again! It’s finally Christmas month! I am so excited this year i am apart of the 2015 Relay for Life Second Life Christmas Expo! I like being apart of organizations in second life that truly do good work! This expo is pretty great not only is it on a beautiful sim but you can do all sorts of things on the sim! There will be live music, photos with Santa, a ball, a hunt! So many fun things to do and to check out! The best thing about the whole expo all the proceeds go to to fund Relay For Life (The American Cancer Society)! I love being apart a fun event that goes to such a good cause! The expo starts tomorrow December 4th! Make sure you seriously come check it out!

Skin- Teagan (Creamy) – Hush Skins
Mesh Body- Hourglass body – Slink
Eyes-Hope – Hades Eyes- Ink Heart
Eye shadow- Festival Liners- #Adored
Eyeliner- Glitter Glam Shadows- Veechi
Hair- Kara – [e]
Sweater- Joanna Santa Outfit – [HC] (Available soon @ SL Christmas Expo)
Jeans- Joanna Santa Outfit [HC]   (Available soon @ SL Christmas Expo)
Earrings- Gold Noel Earrings – [SP]  (Available soon @ SL Christmas Expo)
Shoes-Addictive Heels – Yumz
Poses – Glitterati

Cosmetics Fair – Uh Huh Honey


Hi Everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I am here to tell you jut a few more days to check out “Cosmetics Fair”! It’s a rainbow edition this round! You should check that out, because its full of wonderful designers and beautiful makeups and hair. There are many other accessories that you will be able to purchase such as mesh heads and eyes. I hope that you check out costmetics fair

(Row 1-3)
Eyes- Cat Eyes “Rainbow” –Arise (New @ Cosmetics Fair)
Face Jewels- Mons(New @ Cosmetics Fair)
Hair- Eden – Lovey Dovey(New @ Cosmetics Fair)

(Row 2-3)
Lipstick – Chelsea {001} – Nova (New @ Cosmetics Fair)
Nails- Oil Slicked Nails- Adored (New @ Cosmetics Fair)
Face Jewels- Elysium(New @ Cosmetics Fair)

(Row 3-3)
Mesh Head- Julia Mesh Head- Milan (New @ Cosmetics Fair)
Face Jewels- Foxy Face (New @ Cosmetics Fair)
Lipstick & Face Highlighter- Nox(New @ Cosmetics Fair)

(Row 4-4)
Glittery Eyeshadow- Veechi (New @ Cosmetics Fair)
Eyebrows- Lena Hand Painted Eyebrows –Bossie (New @ Cosmetics Fair)
Hair- Ariana – Bold & Beauty (New @ Cosmetics Fair)


The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year



I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving! I hope that you somewhat enjoy Black Friday (There are so many sales! Ill be catching up on Homework!) I wanted to give you a wonderful preview of this amazing dress & shoes from Moon Amore! It’s coming soon to the Arcade! I am so excited for this round, its Christmas themed everything! Its really amazing from the different creators can come up with! I hope you enjoy <3

Skin- Tegan – Hush Skins
Eyes- “Red” Cat Eyes- Arise (NEW @ Cosmetics Fair)
Lipstick- Chelsea (03) – Nova (NEW @ Cosmetics Fair)
Hair- The Twist Hair – Olive
Dress- Silver & Mint – Moon Amore & Cureless (Coming Soon to The Arcade)
Lights-Christmas Lights – Moon Amore + Cureless   (Coming Soon to the Arcade)
Tiara- Angel Tiara – Moon Amore + Cureless  (RARE) (Coming Soon to the Arcade)
Shoes-Charming Xmas Shoes- Moon Amore + Cureless  (Coming Soon to the Arcade)
Pose- Nani Poses

An Intimate Thanks Giving




Image 1

Skybox: White Mini Skybox- MM Home  (Free On The Marketplace)
Leaf Table- Untamed Designs  (1L Stuff The Bird Hunt)
Leaf Chairs- Untamed Designs  (1L Leaves are Falling Hunt)
Fire Place- Lumi Fireplace- Sickly Sweet (Free The Warm Socks Hunt)
Pumpkins (Give Thanks Decor) – Chez Moi   (69L’s on the Marketplace)
Turkey Topiary- The Artist Shed (1L The Jerkey Turkey Hunt)
Plaid Pumpkins- The Artist Shed
Food (on Table Ham & Cake) – Filler Furniture – (Free On Marketplace)
Turkey (on table)- Kawaii Tofu (Free on Marketplace)
Food (Pie) – Dust Bunny- (Past Arcade Gatcha Item)
Animals (Hamsters) –MishMish (Past Arcade Gatcha Item)
Painting-The Artist Shed (Free Hello Fall Hunt)
Garland- Color Fall Garland –  ~LA PUR SHOP~ (10L’s on The Marketplace)
Rocking Chair – Chez Moi (Past Halloween Hunt)
Cushion – (That 70’s Seat) – The Artist Shed
Animals (Sheep) – Adore & Abhore (old no longer available)

Image 2
Lamp-Mushroom Lamp – Green Wood Homes & Interiors–   (Old POE Hunt Gift)
End Table- Stonewood Interiors (Old POE Hunt Gift)
Chalk Board- Lark
Rocking Chair- Dust Bunny- (Past Arcade Gatcha Item)
Couch- The Artist Shed (1L Stuff The Bird Hunt)
Couch- Frozen Room Gatcha (RARE)- Krakt (NEW @ On the Board Walk Gatcha Fair) 
Rug- Braided Rug- Dust Bunny (Past Arcade Gatcha Item)
Wreathe- Fall Wreath- Chez Moi (Past Halloween Hunt)
Picture (left wall) – Hot Team & Warm Socks- By Chinah Oh (Free Warm Socks Hunt)
Snacks (on Floor) – Krakt (Part of Frosted Gatcha) – (NEW @ On the Board Walk Gatcha Fair)
Tree- Tree Cozy *Purple Bow* – LEP

Skin- Amber (Creamy) – Hush Skins
Hair- Doreen Hair – A&A Design (Free Warm Socks Hunt)
Eyes-Introvert Eyes- *InkHeart*  (Marketplace Hunt Gift)
Glasses-Intellectual Glasses- Tentacio
Dress- Turkey Dress- ~Kawaii Tofu~ (Free On The Marketplace)
Tights- Solid Brown Tights- Elate (No Longer Available)
Shoes- Thanks Novelty Sneakers – ::Cherry Pie:: (Free On The Marketplace)
Turkey (Left) Chibi Turkey – Pink Fuel (old but still my fav!)
Turkey (Right) Jerky Turkey Plushy – Decora Doll




Hi there i am back with a fun new post. I have been really inspired by the Spider body that was released for gatcha garden by Tamagosenbei. I saw it on a Flickr and knew I had to own it. Not only does let you dress up as a spider you get to move like a spider.  Lets just say that I watched a lot of spider documentaries after walking around in it!

-Spider Body (rare red) –Tamagosenbei (New @ Gatcha Garden)

A Little Fall For You

I am back from a fabulous weekend! I learned a lot! If you have been watching my Flickr. You will know the last weekend i attended a real life bloggers conference called Go Blog Social.     I learned a lot about blogging! Everything from finding your AHA moment to social media engagement. As you know I write another blog called Styled In The Heartland. I learned that basically you are doing the same thing in second life! I love learning bout the blogging process.  I am so glad to bring those experiences back to second life.  I hopefully soon to be sharing more about my story & blogging here in second life.


Skin- Amber- (creamy) – Hush
Eyes-Jerky Eyes- *InkHeart* ( 1L The Jerky Turkey Hunt)
Lashes- Angel Lashes 05- Lolita
Lipstick-Dark Nude Lipstick- Rainbow Kiss
Nails-Inversion – Alaskametro  (NEW)
Hair- Such – Magika
Dress- Catheryne Cami Dress- Vindiktive (0L The Dirty Turkey Hunt)
Boots- Emillya Boots (Brown)- CandyDoll(Now available @ UBER)
Necklace- Vintage Turkey Pendant- Gachapon! (1L-The Jerkey Turkey Hunt)

It’s Halloween, everyone’s entitled to one good scare



Hiya! This is my last Halloween posting for another year! Its my favorite time of the year! I start my vacation this week so Ill be away! Please make sure you pick up all the free Halloween stuff while it lasts!
Skin-Amber (2 makeup) – Hush Skins
Eyes-Halloween Eyes- *InkHeart* ( Free 13th nightmare grid wide hunt gift)
Hair- Zaylee (in crazy colors) – Amacci
Tattoo-can face tattoo- Section 8 (Now @ Halloween Flea Market)
Lashes- Halloween Eyelashes ***Ambrosia*** (Now @ Halloween Flea Market)
Dress- Halloween Dress ***Ambrosia*** (Now @ Halloween Flea Market)
Shoes- Pumpkin Heels- ***Ambrosia*** (Now @Halloween Flea Market)
treat bucket – vespertine (Free vespertine pumpkin hunt)
Skin- Hera – Stix (Free – October 2015 Gift)
Eyes-Halloween Eyes- *InkHeart* ( Free 13th nightmare grid wide hunt gift)
Hair- Aphrodite (bloody purple) – *Alice Project* (Free Halloween group gift – make sure to pick up now! will disappear)
Bodysuit- Wicked 2 Green – *Carries Lingerie* ( Free Skeleton Hunt @ Carries )
Hat- Carrie’s Wicked Witch Hat (part of Wicked 2 Green) –*Carries Lingerie* (Free Skeleton Hunt @ Carries)
Shoes-Chelsea Stilletto Ankle Boots- AmAzInNg CrEaTiOnS (Free)
Doggie- Witchy Yorkie – Lola (orange Hat) – (RARE) – Pink Acid ( Now @ Wayward Halloween Carnival)

Skin- Aurora (v6) – 7 Deadly S{K}ins (Now @ Pastel Goth Fair)
Eyes-Halloween Eyes- *InkHeart* (Free 13th nightmare grid wide hunt gift)
Hair- Elizabeth – Alice Project (Free Halloween group gift – make sure to pick up now! will disappear)
Tattoo- Sweet Surrender Blood Spatter Tattoo – Entice
Overalls- Womens Jumpsuit AmAzInNg CrEaTiOnS (Free Scissor Happy Hunt)
Shoes-Chelsea Stiletto Ankle Boots- AmAzInNg CrEaTiOnS (Free)
Necklace- Bloody Scissor Necklace- Vicarious Lee’s Wildthings (Free Scissor Happy Hunt)

Poses Repose

You’ll wish it were only a nightmare


look #1
Skin-Witchy Hour -Snow- Soli – Stix (1L Witchy Hour Hunt)
Eyes-Halloween Eyes- *InkHeart* ( Free 13th Nightmare Grid Hunt Gift)
Tattoo- Mouth Ooze – [The Nebulae] (New @ The Truth About Bats and Avies)
Hair- Hallows (Bats) -Grimoire – +Spellbound+ (New @ The Truth About Bats and Avies)
Dress- Halloween Gift Dress 2015 – G*Field (Free Halloween Gift)
Socks-What does the…Say – *HolliePockets* (1L Wicthy Hour Hunt)
Shoes- Emily-Faster Pussy Cat (Now @ Pastel Goth Fair)
EyePatch-Black Eye Patch- [The Nebulae] (New @ The Truth About Bats and Avies)
Treat Bucket- [Lz Bodies]

 look #2
Skin-Kellie Halloween Skin- Style By Kira (Halloween Gift Free)
Eyes-Halloween Eyes– *InkHeart* ( Free 13th Nightmare Grid Hunt Gift)
Hair- Maya- [^.^ Ayashi ^.^] (Now @ Pastel Goth Fair)
Tattoo- Open Chess Scars – *Merlific*
Dress- Spider Dress (Part of Spider Chic) – VIPS Creations
Pasties- Black Cat Pasties – Oceanes (Old Halloween hunt)
Hat- Spider Hat-(Part of Spider Chic) – VIPS Creations
Tights- Skeleton Tights- G*Field (Free 2015 Halloween Gift)
Shoes- Bootiful Stomp Heels – ..::KnocKeRs::..
Necklace- Spider Choker -(Part of Spider Chic) – VIPS Creations
Necklace- Oversize Spider Necklace – Nox.
Treat Bucket- Schadenfreude – 2015 (Free Halloween Gift 2015)
Poses: Now Wow

look #3
Skin- Ivory (V2) – AlaskaMetro*
Eyes-Halloween Eyes– *InkHeart* ( Free 13th Nightmare Grid Hunt Gift)
Makeup- Green Copper Makeup –Oceanes ( Free The Warm Socks Hunt)
Hair-11 (red) hair- Mimpi* (New @ Sanarae Event)
Dress-Halloween Town – *MIYABI* (Now @ Halloween Flea Market)
Shoes- Spooky (purple /arctic) – :PKD:
Doll & Pose- Swirl Poses (New @ Scare Fest)

If I Die You Die.



Hi guys! I am so sorry it’s taken me a while to post! There are so many great Halloween events going on right now. Be sure to check out the Tag gatcha & the wayward Halloween carnival (there are some great gifts at both of these!). The most important thing to check out is the Truth about Bats and Avies charity events! The event goes to raise the Bat World Sanctuary.” Bat World is a non-profit, volunteer based, accredited sanctuary that provides rescue and advocacy for bats worldwide” Please be sure to check it out, its a great cause for animals!

Look #1
Skin-Vampire (black brows) – .:Sasha:. – [PUMEC]
Eyes-Halloween Eyes- Obscure (fable)- *InkHeart*
Hair-Ondira- (Ombre #7) – [Due] – (Available @ The Wayward Halloween Carnival)
Tattoo- Bleauty Clinic (RARE) – Antielle (Available @ The Wayward Halloween Carnival)
Tattoo- Face BooBoo’s – AccessoriZe (Free Witchy Hour Hunt)
Top & Skirt- All Seeing (n. 2) – -Pixicat- (Now available @ TAG gatcha)
Shoes- Witchy Hallowee Witch Wedges – [Iconica] (Free Witchy Hour Hunt)
Claws- Bloody Claw – *TSG* (Now Available @ TAG gatcha)
Headband – Oral Fixation – (RARE) – Nox (Available @ The Wayward Halloween Carnival)
Necklace- Oral Fixation Choker- Nox (Available @ The Wayward Halloween Carnival)
Tounge- Oculolinctus (Turquoise Slit) (RARE) – [CX](Now Available @ The Wayward Halloween Carnival)
Septum- Crow Skull Nosering – (Copper) – :Bamse: (Available @ The Wayward Halloween Carnival)
Poses- No Wow

Look #2
Skin-Aurora (Rare) – 7 Deadly s{K}ins – (Now Available @ Pastel Goth Fair)
Hair-Candy Corns- Magika- (old group gift)
Eyes- Medusa Eyes- Halloween –*InkHeart*
Shirt-Witch Tank – ^ZH^- (Free @ The Falloween Hunt)
Skirt- Skully Skater Skirt – *CD*
Shoes- Belladonna – [Renegade] – (Now Available @ Pastel Goth Fair)
Septum- Septum Piercing 2.0 – [7891] Knife- “The Blade” (with blood tattoo) –AccessoriZe (Free Horror Hunt)
Doll= “Chucky the serial Killer” – LibbyTulips Sparkle Fashion – (Free Horror Hunt)

Look #3
Skin- November (bare)- Pink Acid
Hair- The Good Witch (Brunette) – Clawtooth (Now available @ The Tag Gatcha)
Eyes- Medusa Eyes- Halloween –*InkHeart*
Tattoo-Blood On Face – ::AngelDust::
Tattoo- Bloodie Face- JeSyLiLO (closed)
Tattoo- Beauty Clinic (Cosmetic Replacement) – (RARE) – Antielle(Now Available at the Wayward Halloween Carnival)
Shirt (with wings) – Bat People – ImmarteriA ( Now available @ The Truth About Bats and Avies Charity Event presented by SL GOTH)
Skirt – Charming Halloween (w/ Halloween belt) –(part of Charming Halloween Costume) VIP’s creations
Shoes- Candies Shoes (part of Charming Halloween Costume) VIP’s creations
Crown- Spider Web Crown- Pink Acid (Now Available at The Wayward Halloween Carnival)
Glasses- Batty Shades (Black) – Reign (Now Available at The Wayward Halloween Carnival)

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