HuRry! HuRry! GET your bootay to the Fair!

Hi guys! It’s me again, your crazy pistachio friend! i wanted to make another posting about kawaii fair, and how AWESOME it is! You need to hurry Hury Hury! (did i mention Hurry?) …Because it ends this saturday! So you have a day or so to soak up all the fun left in Kawaii Fair! Lots AND Lots of cute stuff!! I hope you all have a fun & safe weekend! Have fun and be safe!

Peace, Love & Pistachios.


(credits after the nuts crack)

.thank you to Kawaii Fair Designers for the hard work & creativity!.

Look #1

Skin: CupidSis- Pale- ::Moddish::

Eyes: Kawaii Floral Eyes-Green- Spalsh! ( Kawaii Fair Item)

Makeup: Punk Acid Princess- Pink Acid

Nails: Taste The Rainbow -Rezlpsa Loc- (old gift item)

Hair: *Runway Perfect Hunt*-A -Dura- (Runway perfect hunt)

Dress: Hummy Dress-Pink – Yulicie (Kawaii Fair Item)

Tights: Owlie Gym Tights- Pull Shapes (Free Marketplace)

Shoes: Kawaii Legwarmers – Motherfunkin (Kawaii Fair)

Headband- Michi Mouse Headband-Pink- ::Michi Yuu:: (Kawaii Fair)

Doughnut – Kawaii Panda Doughnut- FreakyDesign – (Kawaii Fair)

Look #2

Skin: Elly- Pure -(Light Brow)

Eyes: kawaii Floral Eyes-Gree- Splash (Kawaii Fair Item)

Lipstick:Β  pink and sily lipstick & teeth – purple – Pink Acid

Eyeshadow/Eyeliner: Punk Acid-Punk Princess-Eyeliner & EyeLashes – Pink Acid

Hair- Ages – Honey Blond- +Hs+ – (old CDTH hunt)

Shirt: Mesh Tank – Pink- ::Michi YuU::- ( Kawaii Fair)

Shorts: Basic Short Jeans- ::Michi YuU: – (Kawaii Fair)

Sandals: Coliseo Sandals- ::DeeR:: -(Kawaii Fair)

Bag: Ladybugs Satchel Bag- Shine (Kawaii Fair)

Headband: Miri Bear Hair Band- [SF]

Look #3

Skin: Jazmin Skin – PurpleNJ – Envyme (kawaii fair)

Eyes: Kawaii Floral Eyes- Green- Splash (Kawaii Fair)

Hair: Trish Hair- Gingerbread- Wasabi Pills

Dress: Happy Onion -Aris Aris- (Kawaii Fair)

Tights: Sky Opaque Tights – Elate

Boots: Rain -Puppy-Purple-Boots – NousΒ  Vuous -(Kawaii Fair Item)

Necklace: Fluffy Star- Shine – (Kawaii Fair)

Tounge Attachement:Β  Tower Icecream Tounge- Razzberry

Earrings: Itty Bitty Piggy earrings – Hollyweird

Scarf: Pink Poptart Scarf- RottenDefiance- (Kawaii Fair)

Look #4

Skin: Anne Blue Skin- NousVous – (Kawaii fair)

Eyes: Kawaii Floral Eyes- Green-Splash (Kawaii Fair)

Hair: Teeloh – Wasabi Pills- (Free -Fantasy Fair)

Shirt: I’m Sweet Tee, Full- 1 Hundred (Kawaii Fair)

Undershirt:Β  Heatwave Top -Spearmint- 1 Hundred (Kawaii Fair)

Leggings: Grunge Cupcake Leggings-Pink- Orsini (Kawaii Fair Item)

Shoes: Sneaker Boots – Blue – Energie (Free!)

Bow: Ladybug Bow- Lush Limited – (Kawaii Fair)

Earphones: Ladybug Headphones- *ARISARIS* (Kawaii Fair)

Earrings: PinkY SkullZ – HollyWeird (Kawaii Fair)

Necklace: Shroomee Necklace- HollyWeird – (Kawaii Fair)

Tattoo: Kawaii 3 – Endless Pain (Kawaii Fair)

Sock Puppets: -Sock Puppets – Kitty- *CuteBytes*

Look #5

Skin: Lene- Mother Goose (Free Lucky Board)

Eyes: Kawaii Floral Eyes -Splash-(Kawaii Fair)

Lipstick: Ice Cream Lip Gloss – Pink/Purple-Pink Acid

Eyeshadow: Liquid Glaze-Purple – *Boom*

Hair: Anarin- .Ploom. – Pony Pack-

Dress: Maika Dress-Green-Mayden Couture- (Kawaii Fair)

Tights: Solid Sunny Tights-Elate-

Shoes: Bunny Skates- Surprise!- Candy Stripes (Free Easter Gift)

Tattoo: Kawaii Fair 2- Endless Pain Tattoo- (Kawaii Fair)

Cactus: Crush Cactus Planter- W.Winx – (Free)

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